Jojoba Oil = Liquid Gold

Jojoba Oil

If you could throw away one product from your daily regimen, goddess.huntress. desires it to be your EYE MAKEUP REMOVER.

If you take a look at the contents of eye makeup remover, there is a profusion of ingredients.  A good percentage of these ingredients are not familiar, just more toxic chemicals that are exhausting to pronounce.

Reward yourself with jojoba oil, or as goddess.huntress. likes to call it: liquid gold.

A couple of drops on a cotton ball swipes away wonders, while moisturizing the eye area and lashes.  This is best used before bedtime since jojoba oil will leave a glossy, moisturizing layer that is slowly absorbed.

A couple of drops go a long way.  You will have your bottle for a very long time, making this luxurious oil very cost efficient.

Jojoba oil is an interesting oil with many properties. It does not clog pores.  It serves as moisturizer and also as oil control for oily/combination skin.  It can clear up acne with its sebum breakdown properties, which unclog pores.  You can add a couple of drops to your daily facial moisturizer.

What else can jojoba oil do?

  • serve as lip balm
  • body moisturizer (or add to your body moisturizer)
  • scalp treatment
  • intensive hair treatment (goddess.huntress. suggests heat for maximum benefits. Use it in the sun or in the steam room)
  • daily leave-in conditioner
  • cuticle moisturizer
  • hands and feet moisturizer

Try Desert Essence 100% Pure Certified Organic Jojoba Oil For Hair, Skin, & Scalp $14.99

Soon you will want to install a jojoba tap in your home!

Jojoba oil is a goddess.huntress. favorite.


  1. Sold!

  2. Also acts as a wonderful carrier for essential oils in perfume making!

  3. Hmm, I will use it for other things. Interesting!