Progress! Safe Cosmetics Act of 2010

The Safe Cosmetics Act of 2010 was introduced to Congress on July 20th by Representatives Jan Schakowsky (IL), Edward Markey (MA), and Tammy Baldwin (WI).  If passed, the following provisions would be enacted:

  • Carcinogens and ingredients linked to birth defects to be phased out of personal care products.
  • Health-based safety standards for all ingredients in cosmetics that includes protections for children and other vulnerable populations.
  • Required full disclosure of all chemical ingredients in personal care products, including fragrances and contaminants on labels and company websites.
  • Worker access to information about hazardous chemicals they may encounter in the manufacturing of personal care products.
  • Adequate funding and support of the FDA Office of Cosmetics and Colors for the efficient oversight of the cosmetics industry.

This legislature will finally give the FDA the power to regulate the cosmetics industry, an industry that is currently self-regulating.  As of right now, the FDA can only regulate cosmetic and personal care products once they have been placed on store shelves.


Thanks to Representatives Jan Schakowsky, Edward Markey, and Tammy Baldwin for taking a stand for our health and to push the clean up of the myriad of products we slather and lather on our bodies every day.

Ask your U.S. Representative to support the Safe Cosmetics Act HERE.