Let me first say,  I now cannot imagine my life without Arganica Oil.

I have been using Arganica for three months.  Immediately when I introduced it to my regimen, the 3pm shiny forehead and chin (that I thought I would have to live with for the rest of my life) no longer reflected.  My pores are tighter.  My breakouts have reduced.  I have a nice glow.  I love Arganica.

Arganica Oil is a blend of argan oil, frankincense, and lavender.

Argan oil is lauded for its long list of benefits.  It moisturizes superbly, reduces the appearance of fine lines, acts as SPF, regulates sebum production, prevents stretch marks, successfully treats acne/eczema/psoriasis, reduces inflammation and irritation, reduces the appearance of scars, neutralizes free radicals, strengthens nails, conditions and improves hair elasticity. Along with preventing cardiovascular disease, argan has shown to slow down the division of prostate cancer cells.   Argan is being tested on other cancers.  Definitely we can say argan is a superhero.

Frankincense has received fascinating press from recent medical studies.  Some studies are showing that frankincense shuts down cancer cells, thus stopping the growth of cancer!  Pretty fantastic stuff.

Lavender increases circulation, reduces inflammation, serves as an antiseptic, and treats acne.

What’s also fantastic about Arganica?  Arganica is sustaining the forestation of the argan tree, indigenous to Morocco.  Arganica is also providing the women who produce the oil, known as Berbers, economic status.  Berber women are receiving their first salary ever by working in these cooperatives!

goddess.huntress. had the wonderful opportunity to chat with Bianca and Jodie,  the founders of Arganica:

Arganica Oil is a powerhouse, synergistic blend of argan, lavender, and frankincense. Tell us a little more about how you developed this unique blend of essential oils.
After studying essential oils for some time, we knew that lavender is a staple for soothing irritated skin.  Its fragrance is also a top note which was something we needed to balance out the depth of the Frankincense.  The boswellic acid found in Frankincense is known to be anti-inflammatory as well as cell protective so it made sense to us to use this oil in our argan blend for skin care. The therapeutic grade essential oils that we chose to use acts with synergism which means in this case the age defying qualities of each of the oils magnifies the effects of the other.

You are creating an empowered life for the women of Morocco (known as Berbers) who harvest the argan oil for Arganica.  Along with providing a powerful antioxidant, anti-aging, healing skin food, Arganica is providing socio-economic roles for Berber women and ensuring the survival of the argan tree forest, which has been threatened in recent years.  Really POWERFUL stuff!  Thoughts about this grand impact?

The argan tree prized for it’s moroccan “liquid gold” also plays a very important ecological role.  Endemic to a region in Southwestern Morocco, the argan tree flourishes under intense arid conditions slowing down encroachment of the desert into parts of Northern Africa.  Overuse of the trees for fire wood by the local Berbers and grazing by goats was diminishing the forest making the argan tree a focus for conservation.  In 1998 UNESCO declared a region of the forest as an international biosphere reserve in a monumental protect not only the environment but also the livelihood of the local Berber tribes.  The woman’s cooperatives were initially developed to support either divorced or widowed woman, empowering them to support themselves and engage in literacy programs.  The woman also learned how to plant new argan seedlings to ensure the future of the forest becoming the first successful example of sustainable agriculture in Africa.  It’s amazing to think that the argan tree not only naturally provides a therapeutic oil but also supports and empowers many local women while playing a key role in preserving the delicate ecosystem of Africa and ultimately the world.

You use a cold press extraction method to extract the argan oil from the argan nut.  Tell us more about this process and how it is the superior extraction method.

There are three ways to extract an oil from its source whether it is from a nut such as the argan or from a plant such as lavender. Our requirement for Arganica’s argan oil source was from cold pressing, which captures the integrity of all the chemical constituents of the nut.  Mechanical extraction typically uses machinery which induces heat.  Heating an oil breaks many of the chemical bonds thus rendering the oil less therapeutic.  The third way of extraction is by using a solvent, typically using hexane or a gasoline derivative.  Many delicate flowers need a solvent to help unlock their oils.  We do not want any chemical residues in our products so we will not be choosing any botanicals that need this type of extraction method.

Jodie and Bianca, how did you two come to partner on Arganica?

We have known each other for quite some time and we have very similar interests including living life healthfully, loving nature and the exploration of travel. We are both crusaders with a global mission to create eco-conscious personal care products and we knew that between the two of us we had what it takes to make big shifts in this world.  Arganica came about after we realized that we needed to share our “find” with the world and we needed to do it in a way that had a piece of both of us in it. Jodie brings the knowledge of scientific research and is Arganica’s botanical mixologist.  Bianca is the aromatherapist with a combined degree in Chinese herbal medicine. It is the perfect  East meets West pairing!

Jodie, you have 15 years of science research under your belt working with notable institutions such as Memorial Sloan-Kettering. What do you find unique about the components of Arganica Oil in your experience researching alternatives to conventional cancer treatments/prevention?*

I need to start out by stating that I prefer the word complimentary to the word alternative.  I have a background in virology and infectious disease research, both fascinating and intense.  I have been performing cancer research for the past few years and have literally come face to face in recognizing the impact of environmental toxins on our internal systems.  These personal laboratory experiences became a big impetus for me to become an advocate of natural products.  I utilize the most up to date research articles from pubmed in which I constantly refer to when examining the therapeutic effects of certain ingredients we use and will eventually use in our product line.  Arganica’s argan oil is comprised of only three completely natural ingredients…argan oil, frankincense, and lavender therapeutic grade essential oils.  It was our quest to find the purest sources that would render our product superior.  There is plenty of research out there on the many therapeutic benefits of Frankincense essential oil but excitingly, the most recent, reports its ability to cause apoptosis (self inflicted cellular death) to bladder cancer cells suggesting it’s candidacy as a potential anti-tumoral agent.  The frankincense we use, Boswellia carteri, is tested for its purity and potency prior to formulating to ensure it’s maximum therapeutic index.  Arganica’s argan oil is truly natures medicinal skin food!

Bianca, you have an extensive background in Oriental Medicine,
acupuncture, aromatherapy, and plant distillation that you share with your clientele at Sacred Space Acupuncture and through your many television appearances.  Tell us about the results you are seeing with those who are using Arganica Oil.

As a clinician for well over a decade, I have noticed that toxic personal care products can wreak havoc on our systems.  The skin is an organ that protects us from environmental harm, yet the beauty care industry has brainwashed most of us into thinking that slathering ourselves in synthetic chemicals is o.k.  I recently turned a patient on to Arganica who is an army veteran who was diagnosed with “Gulf War Syndrome” which left her facial skin red, raw, cracked and irritated.  After just two weeks of using our Argan oil, she called to tell me that she will never use another product on her face.  She noticed that her skin felt more supple, more pliable and the redness had faded significantly.  This experience is exactly why we created our product.

What is in the near future for Arganica?

Our future is exciting! We have been diligently researching, creating and personally experimenting with ingredients that are truly therapeutic from indigenous regions throughout the world.  We will be creating a line of products that are truly artisanal…well balanced, environmentally sustainable, synergistically blended and therapy for the skin.  A quick peek into our next product will include fair trade coffee, Himalayan pink sea salt, nut oil from the Brazilian Amazon basin and of course, Argan oil!

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How to use: After washing your face with a mild cleanser, leave face wet, and slowly massage 3 drops of Arganica onto your face, under your eyes, and neck as moisturizer.  There is no need for a toner.   Do this in the morning and at night.  (Contrary to commercial grooming practices we have been raised on, adding oil to your face actually regulates sebum production, minimizes or even eliminates acne, and provides the perfect amount of moisture for your skin.  Oil is great for skin and should be a “must”.  Oil should be your only facial moisturizer.)

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Arganica is a goddess.huntress. FAVORITE!

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