Badger Anti-Bug Shake & Spray

Summer brings picnics, barbecues, concerts in the park, and pesky mosquitoes.  As much as we want to slather our bodies with a no-nonsense repellent, we must be mindful of what most no-nonsense repellents contain.

Allow me to introduce you to a rock star named Badger Anti-Bug Shake & Spray

I was graced with a bottle of  Badger Anti-Bug Shake & Spray by the wonderful people at Badger.  Badger is a USDA certified organic, family run business in New Hampshire.  All of their products are sans harmful chemicals, parabens, and synthetics. Badger also has the number one rated sunscreen on the EWG 2010 Sunscreen Report (that is out of over 500 sunscreens tested)!

Badger Anti-Bug Shake & Spray kept my friends and I bite-free on hot, humid evenings in the park. That is a tough feat being that I am a mosquito magnet. Badger Anti-Bug Shake & Spray consists of soybean oil, water, castor oil, citronella oil, cedar oil, lemongrass oil, rosemary oil, peppermint oil, geranium oil, and wintergreen oil (all of which, are 100% USDA certified organic).   Badger packages this fantastic smelling spray in a recyclable aluminum canister.

It keeps bugs away for over 3 hours!  As it reads on the canister, “Go ahead & make my day, bug punks!”

Get yours HERE.

Badger Anti-Bug Shake & Spray is a goddess.huntress. favorite.

the legal stuff: goddess.huntress. was in no way solicited, swayed, nor compensated by Badger in any way.