My wonderful English friend and colleague, Georgina, introduced me to the goodness of Cowshed during my stay in London this summer.  Cowshed is a lush line of spoiling, handmade skincare that transports you to the English countryside with organic ingredients.  These countryside formulas are free of parabens, sulphates, petrochemicals, artificial fragrance, and artificial colors.

You can purchase Cowshed products online, freestanding Cowshed stores in England, global stockists, and Cowshed spas.  Good news for those residing in the States: Cowshed Spa recently opened at the Soho House New York and will soon be opening in Miami at the Soho Beach House (Soho Beach House soft opened last night)! This is a great addition to the member-exclusive Soho House clubs.

Cowshed Spa Miami

Cowshed formulates their products to your moods.  Grumpy Cow, Horny Cow, Knackered Cow, Lazy Cow, Moody Cow, and Wild Cow offer shower gels, moisturizers, massage oils, and candles.

I was so excited to receive Cowshed Moody Cow Balancing Bath & Shower Gel and Moody Cow Balancing Body Lotion from the good people at Cowshed.  Upon arrival, just a twist of the cap convinced me to alter my morning regimen.  I now wake up earlier for a lovely Moody Cow bath soak, followed with a generous application of Moody Cow body lotion.  Moody Cow restores harmony and uplifts with a blend of rose geranium, frankincense, linden blossom, ylang ylang, chamomile, clove, and lavender. Dipping into a warm fragrant bath is persuading me to become a morning person (it has always been an aspiration)!  These morning indulgences offer me inspiration for the day, watching the fluffy, sudsy clouds melt into beautiful paisley patterns.  I emerge with fragrant, soft skin for the day.

Cowshed also offers fantastic maternity, baby, and men’s products as well!  Soon they will welcome a “living collection”, which will no doubt be a success…

"living collection" sneak peek!

Go ahead, endorse your mood. Cowshed locations/stockists listed here.

Cowshed Moody Cow is a goddess.huntress. favorite…and worth the international shipping!

the legal stuff: goddess.huntress. was in no way solicited, swayed, nor compensated by Cowshed in any way.