Brazilian Blowout


This past week, the Occupational Safety & Health Administration found formaldehyde in the now infamous Brazilian Blowout solution at levels as high as 10.6%, when an Oregon salon called the administration with workers’ complaints of nose bleeds, difficulty breathing, and eye irritation.  If a hair solution has over 0.1% formaldehyde, the manufacturers must inform the stylists.  Brazilian Blowout firmly negates Oregon’s OSHA test results and claims that their product does not contain formaldehyde.


Brazilian Blowout uses biformyl.  Biformyl is a derivative of formaldehyde.  The authors of No More Dirty Looks have a great post about this OSHA finding along with toxicological information.  Click here to read.  Remember, No More Dirty Looks was conceived in the salon chairs during this questionable beauty process.

Not worth it, Ladies.

So what now?  What is your alternative?

If you’d like to have tamer hair and easier blowouts, I suggest picking up Simply Straight from Belegenza.  I gave a bottle of food-grade (meaning it is safe to eat) Simply Straight to my friend Vana, who is avid about managing her curl by blow drying her hair smooth regularly (I have yet to see her hair curly since I’ve known her for 5 years, mind you).  In just her first application, Vana’s blow dry time was shortened and her hair was visibly smoother and straighter!  Vana was so impressed as was I.

Simply Straight is a product that you must have an intimate and active relationship with.  It is a progressive straightener and curl tamer, meaning that with continued applications your taming and straightening will increase with each use.   This is a very gentle, natural formula; you will produce full results with 30 applications.

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For gentle straightened hair, use small amount as a styling cream. Style as usual. For faster progressive straightened hair, generously apply to wet hair, comb straight and secure with elastic. Leave at least 3 hours. Rinse, shampoo. Follow with conditioner. Reapply small amount of Simply Straight, blow dry and flat iron.

I’d say give Simply Straight a try, Ladies.

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the legal stuff: Although, Belegenza is a goddess.huntress. sponsor, Vana was in no way solicited, swayed, nor compensated by Belegenza nor goddess.huntress. in any way.