Josie Maran’s GOGO Campaign For The City Of Hope

Josie Maran Cosmetics has been at the forefront of creating healthy, fashionable, and performing cosmetics.  Josie, a successful model, has worked for Vogue, Elle, Glamour, Mademoiselle, Marie Claire, and the lusted after Sports Illustrated.  She has been the face of Guess and Maybelline; the latter proved to be almost a decade.  Working as a model and growing up in a natural household, catapulted Josie to create a healthful line of cosmetics that brings integrity to the beauty industry.  Josie Maran Cosmetics has signed the Compact for Safe Cosmetics with the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, committing to reducing carcinogens, mutagens, and reproductive toxins, thus keeping you safer. She has introduced the benefits of argan to the mainstream and is a refreshing fixture in Sephora stores.  Her packaging, including  plastic, is biodegradable.

Continuing her mission for a healthier, beautiful world, Josie Maran is now contributing to the treatment and research of women’s cancers with the highly respected and notable City of Hope.  Enter the GOGO Campaign

The Get One Give One Campaign donates a GOGO Instant Natural Volume Argan Mascara to a City of Hope patient or survivor for very GOGO mascara sold.  After 5000 mascaras are donated, Josie Maran Cosmetics will donate one dollar for each GOGO mascara sold to City Of Hope’s research, treatment, and education of women’s cancers through 2012.  This unique mascara provides voluminous, blink-worthy lashes and lavishes the ubiquitous and precious oil of argan.  Not only is the formula unique, so is the brush.  The patented wand lifts and separates, leaving lashes thicker and clump free. This mascara is a true act to follow.

goddess.huntress. had the lovely opportunity to interview this stunning mother of one about her GOGO launch event at City of Hope.

On August 19th you launched your GOGO charitable campaign by providing makeovers for cancer patients at City of Hope.  What an empowering experience for the patients, your makeup artists, and you.  How was this lovely summer day?

The day of makeovers at City of Hope was such a life affirming experience. The power of the women I met was so strong that you could actually feel it. I’d be talking to someone while they were getting their makeup done about hope, endurance, and digging deep to face challenges and I’d have tears streaming down my face. Then I’d look at my makeup artist Jessica and she’d have tears in her eyes, too.  In the face of such duress, the women were filled with so much joy. The makeovers we provided just enhanced the incredibly vibrant natural beauty each that woman already had inside them.

City of Hope is a phenomenal facility with phenomenal care. How did you come upon the decision of choosing City of Hope for your campaign?

City of Hope first came on my radar because my friend and co-worker Dyani’s father has had some very positive treatment experiences there. When I researched the facility, I was extremely moved by their mission and drive to not only treat cancer patients, but to find a cure for cancer. I then wanted the focus of the GOGO campaign to be geared towards women’s cancer research and treatment because of my grandmother’s triumphant battle against breast cancer. I want all women to be survivors!

Can you share any transformations you saw that day in these women from your event?  I’m sure you and your team brought back a sense of lightness and sparkle to these strong women.

There were so many great stories from that day.  One that stood out to me was a woman who came for a makeover with her husband.  He had tears in his eyes the whole time, while she was smiling and cracking jokes.  It showed me that despite cancer and the challenge in their lives, she was able to be light-hearted and enjoy the moment.  Her husband was so thrilled that she had the opportunity to take part in the day of makeovers and that made me really happy to be there.

After the first 5000 GOGO Natural Volume Argan Mascaras are donated, Josie Maran Cosmetics will continue to donate a dollar from the sale of each GOGO Mascara to City of Hope for the research, treatment, and education of women’s cancers through August 2012.  How many mascaras have been donated thus far?

We are working with City of Hope to plan an event this November where all of the mascaras will be donated. Stay tuned!

Thank you for being a part of bridging the gap between modern and natural makeup, thus bringing natural makeup from the background to the foreground.  How has cancer and cancer prevention influenced your products?

In doing research on the ingredients that go into cosmetics, I found that there are a number of them that may have possible links to cancer. Therefore, I am committed to infusing my products with as many natural and organic ingredients as I can. My goal is to provide the healthiest makeup possible!

This launch event at City of Hope is a mirror of your loving and candid connection with your customers and fans, which is really refreshing.  How do all of these women keep you inspired?

Women are so important to me. I am the daughter of a woman with a girl of my own. I feel like all the women that are my customers, fans, and friends are all a part of my family. I want to nurture everyone! And women like those who I met at City of Hope are particularly inspiring; if they can meet the day to day challenges of facing cancer with so much beauty and vitality, then how can I not continue to strive to live my own life to the fullest?!

7. Can you share a makeup tip to women facing the physical effects of cancer treatment?

Find products that will nourish and brighten the complexion.  My line features Argan Oil which has several unique medicinal properties that help promote skin healing and longevity. It is exceptionally rich in Vitamin E, phenols and phenolic acid, carotenes, squalene, and essential fatty acids. These serve as building blocks for the biochemical processes involved in skin healing.

Thank you for this campaign, Josie.

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Photos via Josie Maran Cosmetics