Resolution for 2011: RMS Beauty “Un”Cover-Up

Happy New Year!

Tonight on New Year’s Eve you may do some imbibing, some dancing, and some staying up all night.  On New Year’s Day you are ready with a fresh outlook on life, so having a refreshed “look” is ideal.  Moisturized and brightened under eyes are one of many fantastic resolutions for 2011!

RMS Beauty “Un”Cover-Up

Created by renowned, fashion makeup artist Rose Marie Swift, RMS Beauty is a non-toxic, organic mineral line that nourishes and feeds your skin.  RMS Beauty “Un”Cover-Up is a unique concealer  that adapts to your skin tone and  can also be used  on the T-zone. “Un”Cover-Up is rich with coconut oil, castor oil, beeswax, jojoba oil, cocoa butter, vitamin E, and rosemary.  It melts into your skin providing even, moisturizing coverage.  “Un”Cover-Up is jam-packed with moisture, additional moisture application is unnecessary.

Refreshed for 2011!

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RMS Beauty “Un”Cover-Up is a goddess.huntress. favorite.

the legal stuff: goddess.huntress. was in no way solicited, swayed, nor compensated by RMS Beauty in any way.