Gluten-Free: Duchess Lip Gloss

Duchess Cosmetics.

Gluten sensitive or insensitive, here is a lip gloss line to take notice of.

Last week, on g.h. I explained the significance of gluten-free cosmetics.  Those with a gluten intolerance,  should  pay mind to what their skin is absorbing because gluten can sneak into cosmetics via wheat germ-derived vitamin E.

Duchess Lip Gloss is gluten-free, paraben-free, lanolin-free, and cruelty free.

The wonderful Duchess team surprised me with a couple of glosses to mess around with, colors Naomi and Linda…yes, the strutters.  I kept Naomi (a tawny rose with lots of shimmer) and I handed Linda (a rich toasted berry red) to my hot teacher, gloss-loving friend.  After a week rendezvous with Duchess Lip Gloss Linda, she writes me, “Honestly, this gloss and I belong together. ;)”

Rich in color, Duchess Lip Gloss stays true for up to 3 hours.  There is no goop nor stickiness here, just malleable moisture that does not alter in consistency as the time passes by.  The color you see in the tube is what you get on your lips, no sheer shyness with Duchess.  And guess what, if your hair blows in your face, the glosses will not act like super grip fly paper (an annoying characteristic of many).  Duchess seals the moisture deal with jojoba and vitamin E (derived from vegetables).

Get royal, strutting, and ready for class lips here.

Duchess Lip Gloss is a hot teacher (Miss Marissa) favorite.

(Cue Van Halen)

the legal stuff: goddess.huntress. and  Miss Marissa were in no way solicited, swayed, nor compensated by Duchess Cosmetics in any way.





  1. I love this gloss! I have celiac disease and it’s hard to find a good gloss that is gluten free that actually has a lot of pigment. Lots of “organic” or “natural” glosses today are just too sheer. Kate is my favorite!!!

  2. I have been looking for a good GF lip gloss, most are too sheer. I will have to try this line!

  3. Hi Mo. Saw this gloss on Miss Marissa and have been coveting it ever since. Can’t decide what color to get though…