Do You Really Need A Puff, Mama?


Your hot, sexy date: Mmmmmmmm, how did you get your ultra smooth skin?

You: Oh, by scraping it with plastic mesh.

Wait, WHAT?

Let’s get the luxury back in your life, girl. It’s going to start by throwing out that pastel colored plastic puff hanging out in your shower.  Here’s why:

Plastic is a man-made material that has many harmful chemicals.  The soft plasticizers, known as phthalates (pronounced th-al-ates), are linked to deformed genitalia in baby boys. Many plastics contain BPA, bisphenol A, another heavy hitter that has a long list of crimes.  BPA is linked to breast and prostate cancer,  affects brain development, interferes with thyroid function, associated with erectile dysfunction, and linked to obesity.

You take that soft plastic puff and you run hot water over it, causing the off gases to just steam out and infuse your suds and water. As if that is not enough exposure for you, you aggressively rub that chemical bomb onto your skin speeding up that chemical transfusion.  Did I just say transfusion?  Yes. I did.  Once those chemicals are in your pores, they are free to travel throughout your body.  By the way, BPA likes hanging out in fat tissue.  Thought losing a couple pounds was hard enough?

Bring on the loofah, ladies.  It is pure luxury.

You and your offspring are too precious for plastic.



  1. Omg, Monique! I have been using killer puffs for years!! Question… They say that when you quit smoking, to an extent, your body repairs the damage. Do you know if this is the case for toxins in your puffs, makeup, lotion ?? Can our body repair the damage we have already caused from the toxins?

    Thanks! LOVE you and love the blog.

    • Thanks for the love, Karie! Fantastic question.
      Every body takes on toxin loads differently. You’ve heard of the person that has smoked for decades and dies at 90 and the person that smoked 5 years and has lung cancer. Prevention will only be beneficial. Of course, a healthy lifestyle can/will repair some cellular damage. So, if you are concerned of your killer puff use, drop it and engage in a low-toxin lifestyle. With the healthy knowledge you are soaking up, you are in the position to manage your toxin-load.