My Mum and McQueen

My mom flew into New York last weekend to spice up her Mother’s Day.  My mother is my rock, my monolith rock.  Once she landed, we indulged in a satiating farmer’s table dinner at Counter in the East Village along with a bottle of wine.  The next morning after we woke up from our wine induced slumber, we ran off to the Metropolitan Museum of Art with my dear friend Nora to soak in “Savage Beauty“, the multi-sensory Alexander McQueen exhibit.

It was my eerie heaven.  Oh, to have it all to myself…

I know I’m leaving you wanting more, but security got after us photogs. This is what I did get and even if it is just that, I’m pretty happy.  McQueen’s passion is intoxicating.

Long live McQueen.

After, we elevated to the roof for a cocktail, sculpture, and some skyline.

A beautiful day with beautiful women with beautiful mastery.


  1. I LOVE that you call your mom your rock–I can relate 100%. We are lucky girls to have great moms :-) AND my mom is a hairstylist too. Too funny.


    PS: I adore the picture of Clyde….

  2. Vanessa says:

    LOVE it!!