Radiating From The Inside Out: Part 1


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Natural Beauty:  Two Steps to Radiating from the Inside-Out

Part I
Picture this:  a body of clean water, a lake perhaps.  What does it look like?  Clear, glistening, and a vibrant, breath-taking shade of blue or green.  Right?

Now, picture a polluted body of water, like something Cosmo Kramer would go swimming in.  Is it clear, bright, and glistening?  Absolutely not.  It’s dirty, stinky, and turbid.

Well, your body is literally a body of water too:  you’re made up of about 70% water.  So a stagnant, polluted, backed-up system will make your cells and your skin look like the East River:  murky, dull, and lifeless.  Really lifeless.

Natural beauty starts from the inside. Just like a beautiful lake, to maintain a healthy glow, you need to get rid of the junk!  When your internal body of water is free of impurities and well-nourished, you will radiate from the inside-out — no highlighting cream necessary!

Here are the steps you need to take to tap into your natural beauty and have a superhuman glow:

Step One:  Take out the trash with…

Water, water, water. If you eat food with, use products with, and inhale harmful chemicals and environmental pollutants, your internal system is going to get backed up.  We need to help clear them out if your skin is going to stand a chance.  One of the best ways to do that is to drink lots of purified water.

It hydrates our cells so they are plump and juicy, giving you soft, supple skin.  Dry skin, especially dry lips is a good indicator of dehydration (and constipation).  So if you’ve been religiously re-applying your lip balm, you need more water.

Water also helps escort out the toxins that are polluting and backing up your precious system.

You’re probably thinking “Ok, I know that I’m supposed to drink water, but I just forget”.  Here’s how I make sure I sip all the live long day:  keep a nice pitcher on your desk (perhaps with lemon slices, cucumber slices, or fresh berries for added aesthetic and taste) and keep a BPA-free bottle in your bag so you’re never without!

Up your fiber intake.
To further avoid traffic jams in your digestive system, make sure you eat plenty of fiber-rich foods.  These are whole-grains like oatmeal and brown rice, beans, seeds like flax or chia, fresh vegetables and fruit.

The insoluble fiber (like the peel of an apple) create bulk and soluble fiber (like the flesh of an apple) helps soften your #2’s so you can move waste out of your body in a smooth and timely fashion.

What’s a “timely fashion”?  You should be going at least 1x/day.  If not, your system may be backed up with waste, toxins, and putrefying food that can get re-absorbed into your bloodstream and add to your toxic load.

How much do you need?  Start by shootingfor at least 50% of your plate to be comprised of vegetables.  Then shoot for another 20-25% of whole grains, fruit, or legumes like chickpeas or lentils.

If you’re having extra trouble moving (i.e. your not going at least 1x/day) try sprinkling ground flax seeds or a couple of tablespoons of chia seeds (yes, they are used for Chia Pets too) on your oatmeal or in your smoothie for extra oomph.

Avoid fake, processed, chemicalized foods.
To lower your toxic load and the amount of work your system needs to do in order to keep things clean, keep the junk you put in your mouth to a minimum.  Buy local and organic produce to avoid foods treated with pesticides and herbicides.  If you eat animal products, make sure they are naturally raised:  organic, free range, grass fed and fish that is wild-caught.

Also avoid fake, processed foods like artificial sweeteners, corn syrup, hydrogenated oils, etc.  The best rule of thumb is to avoid anything that comes in a package.  Now that it’s summer, it’s easier to follow that rule by getting the majority of your food at the farmer’s market.

Say goodbye to stress by taking a breather.
Nothing takes a toll on your appearance (and immune and digestive systems) more than stress.  Studies have shown a direct link to stress and premature aging.

While quitting your day job and whisking yourself away to a desert island may not be the most practical move at the moment, there is a simple way to instantly relax and de-stress:  breathe.  By taking deep nasal breaths, you activate the calming receptors in the lower lobes of your lungs that tell your body to chill out.  Also, the more you breathe, the more oxygen you bring into your cells – giving yourself an energizing boost.

Try this simple exercise that you can do anywhere, even at your desk or at business lunch.  Nobody will even notice what you’re up to:

Body Scan
1.  Sit up straight in your chair so have a nice natural curve in your spine.
2.  Let out all of the air, then take a big deep breath in through your nose, letting your lower belly fill up first, then your mid-chest, then your upper-chest so your collar bone lifts slightly.
3.  Hold your breath for a few seconds, then take a slow and steady breath out, completely emptying out all the air.
4.  Repeat this for about 10 breaths while mentally scanning your body from head to toe, noticing what parts of your body need to relax.  When you find a spot that is particularly tense, send the breath to that spot to allow it to expand then relax.

When you are done you should feel calmer, more fluid, and more energized.

Now that we’ve worked on getting rid of the bad stuff (toxins, waste, chemicals, and stress), it’s time to add in the good stuff.  Stay tuned for Part II…

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  1. Love this Monique & Heather, there are so many things that cause toxin overload into our lives, love how you are shining light on so many of them. Thanks for the great information!