4 Exercise Benefits For Your Body’s Largest Organ

Liz DiAlto is a NYC-based personal trainer and health coach.  She motivates really busy people to make health and fitness a priority by teaching efficient and effective methods for long term results. You can find her online at lizdialto.com, or in person at willspace in NYC.

4 Benefits of Exercise for Your Body’s Largest Organ

First of all, it’s your skin-that’s your body’s largest organ.  A LOT of people don’t know this-but my guess is you probably did as a Goddess Huntress fan.  We all know exercise is good for our overall health, helps us stay fit, and boosts our energy.  Just in case you needed more incentive to work up a sweat and get your heart pumping, here are four reasons your skin will love you for it, too:

1.    It’s all about hormones, baby.  Ever break out when you’re stressed? Exercise helps control stress and all the hormones involved.

2.    Strength training in particular is key for keeping skin taut when time would rather drag it down.  Lean muscle is toned and holds a better shape as opposed to fat, which is soft, puffy and prone to dimples and sagging.

The next two are compliments of Audrey Kunin, MD, a Kansas City, Mo., dermatologist and author of The DERMAdoctor Skinstruction Manual.

3.    Exercise increases circulation* and delivery of nutrients to skin cells, whooshing away potentially damaging toxins.   And you know how the Goddess Huntress community feels about toxins…get ‘em outta here!

4.    Optimum conditions for making collagen*, the support fibers that help keep wrinkles and lines at bay is also a bi-product of exercise.  So more exercise = fewer wrinkles.  Need I say more?

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*for more on this here’s a full article at WebMD with a little extra science for those of you who love the nitty-gritty.