Scotch Naturals Nail Polish

Ok, I was skeptical when I heard that Scotch Naturals Nail Polish was non-toxic.  So many nail brands are now “3 free”, which means free from formaldehyde (no mortuary preservatives, thank you), toluene, and dibutyl phthalate (quite the mouthful of letters there).  Yet, despite the absence of those three carcinogens, there are other chemicals that reside in nail polishes that are not ideal, but are definitely the better slash healthier alternative.

I honestly felt that I had to pick my battles with nail color: scary toxic vs. better toxins vs. bare nails. My toes are never without color and I’m a notorious finger nail chipper, so my fingers go bare and my toes are always lacquered with the better stuff.

Now before I go off and rave about Scotch Naturals, let me tell you why you should be very aware of what those brushstrokes are dripping onto your nails.  While we may think of our nails as a hard, dead surface it really is one of the most highly absorbent parts of our bodies.  Think about what happens when you are in the shower or washing dishes, your nails become instantly soft and drunk with water.  Now go to the manicurist’s chair, what does she do after your soak?  Yes, she cuts or pushes back your cuticles. Then she goes right in with the nail polish on your absorbent sponge canvases, a.k.a. nails.  Yikes.

Ok, now that I painted the toxin picture for you, we can move on to the clean stuff!

Scotch Naturals is actually a spin-off from children’s nail polish brand, Hopscotch Kids.  Founder Ginny Cardenas created Hopscotch Kids nail polishes as an alternative to the toxin heavy lacquers marketed to children.   Then Ginny brought over her very successful 3 ingredient formulas to the adult world and created Scotch Naturals.

Scotch Naturals‘ polishes are not only “3 free”, they are also free of ethyl acetate (neurotoxin), nitrocellulose (organ toxin), butyl acetate (skin, lung, eye irritant), acetone (neuro and organ toxin, irritant), and heavy metals.  The polishes are water-based, perform at a salon level, and come in chic, fashion-forward color tones.  There is also a soy-based polish remover and a plant-based polish remover for those who have soy allergies. What’s jaw dropping is that all their products contain only 3 ingredients! Brilliant (in the most literal form of the word).

My nails are very happily polished and I don’t feel any toxin remorse (I am the proud founder of that disorder).  Oh, and I dropped “manicure” and “pedicure” from my vocabulary.  Just don’t look at me weird when I say, “My nails could so go for a Scotch right now.”

Want some Scotch?  Get yours here.




  1. WOW Monique! Thank you for all the wonderful compliment and thank you for taking the time out to really do a thorough review. Very happy you like our product. The entire Scotch team loves “My nails could so go for some Scotch right now.” We’ve got some exciting additions to the line coming soon. Send me a quick email with your address and I’ll be sure to send you some when it’s ready. Thanks again Monique!

    • Ginny! I’ll take some Scotch anytime! Thank you for your kind words and thank you and your team for making a performing product that really makes a difference. I’ll send you an email. x

  2. Thank you Monique – I never really considered how absorbant our nails are, and now I’m 100% convinced to divorce the conventional nail polishes! Thanks for the recommendation, it’s not easy to find the good stuff out there.

    • Sure thing! Scotch Naturals is very impressive. You will find a range of classic and novelty colors to suit your nail palette needs. Total score!

  3. Monique, this is great! I always felt “ugh” when I go for the mani/pedi at the salon. It even smells so toxic there! I am so grateful for your recommendation…it is so hard to find clean, good brands out there. I am going to get me some scotch! Thanks!

  4. YAY!!! I love this – thank you so much for this post. I’ve used Spa Ritual and a few others for awhile now, which definitely makes me feel a tad better – but still not 100% happy (knowing that they’re still laden with the icky stuff).
    I’m going to buy some of this immediately. Thanks Monique – loving everything you’re posting + writing here.

  5. Kelly Jung says:

    I’m going to try these. I use piggy paints for my daughter, which I hope is similar to Hop Skotch – if it’s not, let me know and I’ll make the switch. I’d love to find something that is non-toxic for myself. I do use OPI, but the cleaner the better!

  6. Hooray! I’ve been looking for something like this for a really long time. The toxic fumes of standard nail polish is enough to knock me out – I use them for art (the enamels stick to metal really nicely) outdoors and leave the art outside ’til it has dried and finished off-gassing. I haven’t polished my nails (toes or fingers) in 8 years, and I miss the shine of color. This will be the perfect reward on my journey to improved health!