My Milan: Part Due

A couple weeks ago I shared my Milan photos from my work trip in June.  Here is part two of the series, or as the Italians dub it, “Part due”.  I give you a glimpse outside of “fashion” and my favorite place in Milan…and it happens to be a bar. Aperitivo, per favore!

My view from my balcony…wonder what their view was!

The daily show production cookie tray

My favorite drink, a sbagliato.  Sbagliato means “wrong” in Italian.

Yes, the glass is truly the size of my head. Ice cube is bigger than my fist.

Bar Basso.  My favorite bar in the world. Yes, world.
The sparkling clean Duomo.

Curious why my drink is “wrong”?  Find out how Bar Basso mistakenly, yet brilliantly put it on the cocktail map.

Saluté! (a.k.a. Cheers!)