My Father, Clyde Reavis


This past weekend was my father’s anniversary from passing from malignant melanoma.  He is my single most inspiration in creating Goddess Huntress.  I’d like for you to get to know him too.  And yes, that’s him with his camera in tow above.  He never was without a camera on his person. Of course as his daughter, I had to be always camera ready!

I created an album of his photography for you, but first here are some cool facts about my father, Clyde Reavis:

He was the only photographer allowed to document the Korean War Peace Treaty talks.

He was a morale photographer for the military, documenting war and peace for the Air Force.

He shot award winning photos for military and thoroughbred racing magazines.

He was the master of banana milkshakes.

He had the most insane sweet tooth.  My dad loved sweets so much, I’d find stashes in between couch cushions.

His eyes widened with ice cream and livermush (not together).

Religiously would meet his buddies at breakfast every morning.

Would never miss a Dodger game. He’d listen to all games on the radio, even while watching it on TV.  Did he ever go to a game? No, he had the “best seat in town”.

Loved looking at women.

He was once gunned down in his camera store.

Dedicated 40 years of his life to volunteer service.

He tried to enlist in the Army at 18, because the Army didn’t make you wear a tie. He was rejected by the Army.  Six months later, he tried with the Air Force and was accepted. Unfortunately, he had to wear a tie.

Please take a moment to enjoy his photos below!


Thank you for letting me introduce him to you.  He loved sharing his photography, so I know he must be ecstatic that you got to view his mastery.







  1. amazing!!!!

  2. So beautiful! Your dad was an amazing photographer – thank you so much for sharing a piece of him with us! xo

  3. this is beautiful Monique! thanks for sharing :)


  4. Christy Buan says:

    What an amazing life and person! That was beautiful, Monique!

  5. I love that I get to feel like he’s still with us. Through the beautiful pictures, and through beautiful YOU!

  6. Linda johnson says:

    My friend Clyde was a talented and sweet man! I know he was very proud of you.

  7. Absolutely beautiful, Mo. xo

  8. Thank you everyone for all the Clyde lovin’! xx