Surfer Babe Highlights

Aura is my hair colorist extraordinaire (yes, coloring my hair is the one toxic vice I cling to).  She is truly a master and besides doing her color magic on Lady Gaga, M.I.A., and the New York runways, she excels at creating authentic surfer girl highlights.  So, I had to ask Aura…

How can we score some hot surfer chick hair tones naturally without hours in the sun?

 “Surfer hair can be achieved by washing you hair with a chamomile shampoo and making a concoction at home with 3/4 conditioner and 1/4 fresh lemon juice apply after shampoo like normal conditioner, blow dry hair, or let it dry naturally.

This concoction will work best during the summer, if you are outside running errands, going to the beach, or anytime spent outside. The lemon in the conditioner will act as a lightening agent. This will be very subtle and build after several applications, but it will be faster than doing it yourself without anything in your hair. The reason why I think it should be mixed with conditioner is that lemon is acidic and can be very drying to the hair.”

 Aura Friedman was born in Israel and grew up in the beach towns of San Diego and Miami Beach.  She is currently the spokesperson for Wella Haircare brands in the U.S. Her work can be seen in publications such as W Magazine, ELLE, Dazed & Confused, V Man, and Italian Vogue. Aura is based in NYC and currently works out of the Serge Normant Salon.