GH Fashion’s Night Out Beauty Giveaway With Magnolia Bakery + butter LONDON

I’m giving away nail polishes to 10 lucky Magnolia Bakery customers on Fashion’s Night Out, September 8th!

I will be giving away 2 butter LONDON nail lacquers an hour that match Magnolia’s infamous icing, in colors “Teddy Girl” and “Muggins”.

Here’s how to win

If you will be in NYC or Los Angeles the evening of September 8th

And to make it ultra easy for you, you can just attach your sweet photo to this tweet:

@goddesshuntress I’m rockin’ my #FNO @magnoliabakery cupcake, please ice my nails with @butterLONDON nail lacquer to match!

Just click above, attach pic, and send!

Don’t live around NYC or Los Angeles and you want your nails to be iced with butter LONDON?

Don’t worry, I’ve got your nails covered too.

  • In the comments below tell me the sweetest thing you’ve ever heard or said. Please, include your location.

Whoever delivers the biggest sugar high will receive a bottle of butter LONDON!  Comment winner will be announced on September 8th.

Let’s cut to the sweet stuff.

Is your mouth watering?  Yeah, I thought so.  Let’s talk cupcakes.

On Fashion’s Night Out, Magnolia Bakery will offer their delicious chocolate or vanilla cupcakes, topped with rich vanilla buttercream, and a choice of six distinctive vintage fashion designs. For each cupcake purchased in any of their NYC locations, Magnolia will donate fifty cents to the New York City AIDS Fund in the Community Trust.  In Los Angeles, for each FNO cupcake sold, Magnolia will donate fifty cents to the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles.

Buttercream icing, vintage fashion, and giving back to the community. Now that is a well rounded cupcake.

Your sweet tooth never felt this good.

There is some cupcake eating, paparazzi posing, sweet tweets, and iced nails to be had.  Get your winning groove on for September 8th!  I’ll be at the NYC Bleeker location from 6-7pm.  I’ll be the girl smearing frosting all over her face and posing with my iPhone, so come and say hi!

Find Magnolia Bakery locations HERE.

butter LONDON is free of formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate, and toluene.



  1. Ok, are you serious right now? This is major. I’m so sad I can’t be in NYC for FNO this year – have fun at Magnolia (have a cupcake or two for me)!!

  2. I will not be in NYC or LA… The sweetest thing that I have ever heard is my twin three year old sons saying they were going to make me all better, while fussing over my hurt knee with lotion and love!

  3. The sweetest thing I ever heard was actually from my boss, who said “I wish we could have you cloned.” (I didn’t have the heart to tell him that clones would be little newborn babies with no skills yet.)

  4. My grandmother told my mom that, in a family of four-3 boys and 1 girl-I was the Queen.

  5. The sweetest a guy ever told me was that I had a good BS detector. It was in college. Of all the skills we should have in life that is one of the best. I’m in Virginia.


  6. The sweetest thing Ever was told to me by my very witty 3 year old son Trey. My 18 month old daughter walked into our family room wearing a pair of my shoes and my son looked at me and said ” mom she is such a beauty….(slight pause) just like you!” I’ll keep that one in my back pocket forever:)

  7. The sweetest thing I have heard was from my bf to me after an eventful day “Weak from push-ups, tired from long hours, in love from you.” awwww

    (will be in Florida)

  8. Of all the sweet things I’ve heard in my life (and there are many! Life is full of sweetness), my high school boyfriend still tops the list as the sweetest. We’d just started spending time together, and I hadn’t decided yet that I wanted him as my boyfriend. We were sitting on a hill in the summertime, looking out over the wildflower fields behind the school, holding hands. We’d just finished kissing. After a little silence, he looks over at me and asks, “Does this mean we’re going out?” I thought about it, shook my head and said, “No. You haven’t asked and I haven’t said yes.” Instead of pressing me when I was obviously skittish about the whole thing, he just squeezed my hand and said “It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t change this. It doesn’t change now.” It was the exact right thing to say. Much later, when he did ask, I said yes.

    I’m in Washington state.

  9. Ladies! Thank you for your sweetness! Guess what? I have some great news! Nonie from butter LONDON spoiled me with extra polishes. You all win! I will email you all later on tonight!

  10. Monique,

    You are the sweetest thing!!! Thank you so much! I hope you had fun at Magnolia, the cupcakes look simply divine.