3 Easy Ways To Afford Clean Beauty Without Breaking The Bank

I am a huge fan of Monique Reavis and absolutely love what she stands for.  I can’t get enough of all the fun beauty products she blogs about.  The lip gloss, sunscreen, nail polish, essential oils – LOVE!!  I know I ran right out and bought a loofah after she dogged my plastic puff.

I think for a lot of us, all that love quickly turns into “I can’t afford it” and we continue to spend our dollars on products that fill our beautiful bodies with junk.  Yes, a lot of the products can be pricey, but I’m going to show you three changes you can make NOW to cross over to the non-toxic side without breaking the bank.

Don’t Go Pitching ALL of Your Beauty Products at Once

Start small.  Each time you run out of a product, replace it with its non-toxic sister so you’re not dropping a huge chunk of cash all at once.  You can start with something as small as changing your plastic shower puff to an all natural loofah.  Easy, inexpensive, and good for your body.  Also, do your research and find the best deals.  Use internet promo codes, free shipping offers, or store coupons.  Your wallet and body will thank you for making this gradual transition.

Make Small Changes in Your Every Day Spending

Instead of spending $8-$10 a day eating out, pack your lunch for just one week.  Use the extra $40-$50 you saved for that fun Scotch “Cocktail Trio” nail polish or Arganica argan oil you read about on the blog.  I don’t know about you, but Monique made that oil sound like heaven for your skin.  Want your very own bottle of Living Nature hand cream?  Skip just five trips to Starbucks or and it’s all yours.

Decide what new product you want and find little changes you can make in your every day spending to afford it.  Get creative.  I’m not asking you to sacrifice a night out with the girls or eat pb&j for dinner every night, but you can find extra money in things that aren’t as important to you.

Buy Less:  Quality vs. Quantity 

Look in your bathroom closet.  How many bottles of perfume do you see?  How many bottles of scented lotion and sprays?  I counted four bottles of perfume in my bathroom and at least five more of those fancy sprays. GUILTY!  How about your makeup drawer?  How many tubes of lip gloss do you own?  I can’t even count mine because they’re all over the place.

If you add up the quantity of the “cheap” stuff we buy, I bet it’s more expensive than the clean products we say we can’t afford.  Start making your purchases based on quality instead of quantity.  I know I have been eyeing that sassy Duchess lip gloss Mo raved about.  I could purchase one of those instead of the ten of the other glosses that I never end up using all of anyway.  The four bottles of toxic perfume in my closet are at least fifty dollars with some bottles being more.  I’ll actually be saving money by buying a quality, non-toxic perfume or naturally scented oil.

You CAN Afford It!

 Spending your money is all about making choices and deciding what’s important to you.  You can afford to buy the things that are good for your body.  Get informed.  Make sure you’re doing your research on the products you use and try to replace them with something clean.  If you find something you love, get creative on how you can come up with the extra cash to afford it.

Leave a comment and let me know what creative ways you’re going to come up to afford the products you love.

Karie Hill is a financial freedom coach that helps women remove their financial barriers and heal their relationship with money.  She is passionate about women choosing the kind of life they want rather than being controlled by their bank account.  You can learn more about Karie and get started on your journey to financial freedom at kariehill.com.


  1. I’m going to use epsom salts in my bath scented with organic lavender oil so I can re-stock my divine Tata Harper collection whis is amazing, but a little pricey. Thanks for the tips x

  2. Instead of hitting the coffee/tea shop, I am going through all of my tea bags. Saves money and is a lot of fun clearing out my stash!

  3. I totally agree with all this advice. I’ve committed to using non-toxic beauty products but am a full-time student and find it hard to budget for ANYTHING spendy. But I would much rather make do with fewer, higher quality products than more things that are bad for me. For example, I recently ran out of mascara and had to choose between buying a cheap replacement or waiting until I have enough money in my budget to get something natural. I’ve been going without mascara for the last few weeks while I save up and have actually started to like my natural look! Sometimes nothing is better than something! :)

  4. @Samantha – Besides saving cash, clearing out clutter really is fun. I actually want to do the same thing with my 4000 tea bags. I also recommend using a mug that’s cute, reminds you of someone you love, or means a lot to you. It makes the drinking experience even that more enjoyable.

    @Hannah Marie – Thanks for sharing! It really is worth it to save your money for high quality non-toxic products. You’ll find it’s more affordable when you cut out all the ‘junk’ (which it seems you already have).

    Great comments, ladies!