Why is this such a daunting post for me to write?  It must be because I don’t use any.  I haven’t for years.

If anything, I spot treat with my wonderful concealer by RMS.  I do this because I prefer my skin to breathe and look natural.  Too many women slather on the foundation that have beautiful skin and it just leaves for a manufactured, old fashioned, facial finish.  Yes, I’m very opinionated here.  Foundation finished with powder is something for film, photo shoots, and special events.  It isn’t very suited for daily life.

There isn’t a daily need, but there is a need for foundation.  We all have special occasions to be a part of whether you are the bride, actress, performer, family portrait victim, or Kardashian (yes, I took it there).

Here are a couple of outstanding foundations in the clean beauty world that are best to be slathered, patted, and or dabbed on our faces, depending on our coverage needs:

Jane Iredale Cosmetics.

Jane Iredale mineral makeup is free of the nasties that GH abhors: talc, parabens, and fragrance.  Jane’s mineral formulations allow skin to breathe, which is great for your “morning after” skin.  No one wants solicited breakouts.  Jane Iredale also has fantastic foundations and powders with SPF protection that have made the “Best” list with The Environmental Working Group. You know how much I love some healthy sunscreen!

RMS Beauty

If you are looking for lighter coverage or more specifically, spot coverage/concealer, RMS Beauty’s Un-Cover Up is your go-to.  It melts into your skin and is completely moisturizing and non-toxic.   Apply lightly where needed.  If you are using it as concealer, you will be ecstatic to see that it will not sit on top of your skin with a dry, crackly finish. You don’t even need eye cream!

Mo-jo: Now I know that many of you are daily foundation wearers. I may have struck a personal nerve with my foundation principles.  I challenge you to take a break from your foundation for a week, just for a week.  You are probably going to realize that your skin insecurity was unwarranted and manufactured by the beauty industry.  

Come on, it is just 7 days.  Are you in?  

Give us your foundation freedom updates in the comments below!




  1. This is possibly the hardest makeup item to consider switching. My skin is super dry and sensitive. I have tried different foundations forever to make it ‘look better’. while I am still wearing foundation (not a healthy brand…), I am using healthier moisturizers in an attempt to improve my skin. Then, maybe I can switch to a healthier one. So, starting with an inner beauty/health improvement?? :) Thanks!

  2. Samantha, there is a good chance your foundation is compounding the problem. Also, I’d switch out your face wash, it may be too harsh. (I recently had to do so, myself )I know you started using argan oil, which is fantastic soother and moisturizer! Give Jane Iredale a try as a foundation. You can get it on