Sock It To Me

I ran into this video today on Jane Iredale The Skincare Makeup’s Facebook page and instantly had to post it.

Loepsie, who is stunningly gorgeous, instructs us how to get cascading curls and waves just by using a sock!  Yes, just a sock!  No heat is needed.

I’m so excited to try this, because if you know me, I never blow dry or curl my hair with appliances.  I don’t because (A) I have tons of hair and its long (B) I don’t want to cause further damage with heat since my hair is color treated (C) I don’t like the time and sweat it takes to do myself, so on special occasions, I go to the salon for the sexy blow out.  I sleep in a regular bun every night so I can have smooth waves the next day and sometimes I’ll sleep in pincurls.  Pincurls give me ultra sexy hair, but it is not so sexy when your partner sees you going to bed in them!

So, here is what you need.

  • 1 sock with the toe end cut off
  • 1 hair elastic (preferably not so tight, so you will not get a crease the next day)
  • 1 spray water bottle
  • 1 good night’s rest
Now watch the video above for the super easy technique and Loepsie’s before and after results.  

Loepsie has a great YouTube Channel with other great beauty and hair tutorials.  Check it out.  She is too lovely!

Excited to try this, Ladies?  Have you already been using the sock method?  Let us know your pretty hair tricks in the comments below and send me your pics of your lovely sock locks so I can post them on the Goddess Huntress Facebook page!




  1. Looks like a fantastic slumber party starter or home pick me up for hair! Thanks :)

  2. Kelly Jung says:

    I tried this last night, finally. I couldn’t believe how well it turned out! What an easy way to get great curls without heat damage to your hair. Thanks for sharing it with all of us!

    • right? I did it the other night with dry hair and a dab of hair oil…beautiful! I will post the pics tomorrow on the GH Facebook page.

  3. Tried this the first time without any smoothing oil, and it turned out frizzy… tried it the next time with smoothing oil and it looked awesome. :)