Soleil Organique

You know I have dedicated this month to breast health (like the rest of us) and that I love me some skin health.  I couldn’t imagine these two beautiful causes colliding, and thankfully they have!

Let me introduce you to Soleil Organique, that is if you haven’t already met.  Soleil Organique is a brand new line of non-toxic skincare/suncare with a boost of luxury.  What is excitingly notable is that Soleil Organique, having only been on the market for a year +, made the Environmental Working Group’s Best Beach & Sport Sunscreen 2011 List with their 100% Mineral Sunblock For Body SPF 45!  S.O. is no rookie to expert sun protection.

Ok, so now you are familiar with their sun MVP cred, now let’s help them out with their breast cred!

During the month of October, S.O. will be donating a dollar with every Facebook like to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. That’s right, all you do is “like” Soleil Organique and they will immediately send a dollar over on your behalf!  And that’s not all, S.O. is donating 20% of all purchases made this month on their site to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation as well!

Soleil Organique is definitely superior luxury skincare.

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  1. Love it! Liked it to help research and to learn more about their wonderful products!