Solros-Tval Sunflower Facial Soap

Last month I finished my beloved In Fiore daily facial cleanser and darted over to the Ace Hotel in New York to replenish my addictive velvety wash.  Well, they didn’t have it in stock and I had literally used every last drop, so I needed something and I needed it fast.  Honestly, I was a bit besides myself.  You know how we get when we find out one of our favorite products is not available and you just NEED it right there and then.  We’ve all been there, it is like our world is crumbling before our eyes…oh, the tragedy!

Luckily, I found an interim solution.  A shelf away was this simple bar of soap with a lovely sunflower on it. Solros-Tval Sunflower Facial Soap came in for backup.  Hallelujah!

Of course I was wooed by the lovely packaging, my eyes were soothed by reading the ingredients, and then they almost popped out of my head when I saw the price…


I have been really impressed with its results.  It is great as your everyday facial soap, your interim soap when you are in between replenishing your other facial cleanser or saving money, and fantastic for travelling when you don’t want to lug your liquid cleanser that has the potential of busting and wasting in your air luggage.

Solros-Tval Sunflower Facial Soap is rich in sunflower oil and evening primrose oil, providing your skin with luscious essential fatty acids.  A great addition to your beauty regimen.

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  1. What a happy looking soap!!

  2. Have you found a good container for bar soap that has some sort of drainage?

  3. Ok, I’ve always adored the packaging of this soap, but for whatever reason assumed that it had “not-so-good” stuff in it. Happy to know it’s got your stamp of approval. :)

    • Stephanie, I was apprehensive too! The great packaging, the debossed sunflower on the soap, the ingredients that you can’t really pronounce were all typical signals to walk away. The price made me stay, so I ran all the ingredients through the Environmental Working Group’s Cosmetic Database while I was standing in the store. All were low-toxic!

  4. Have you ever tried Egg White Facial Soap with Chamomile Flowers & Lecithin??