The New York City Marathon

The New York Marathon was this past Sunday, November 6th and it is my favorite day of the year (I ran it in 2007).

Each year, I head over to Central Park and stand at the 25 mile mark to cheer on the insanely inspiring runners…I always get moved to tears.  If you are unaware, a marathon is 26.2 miles, so the the last couple miles are the most crucial psychologically as a runner. I stood by the best marathon motivator on Sunday…he shouts to the runners, “the only thing between you and the finish line right now is between your ears! Go get it!” Brilliance.

 The cutest marathon couple next to me.  She was eagerly awaiting his arrival and clearly he was too.

Running with a prosthetic leg.

Spectators perched on a rock with a spectacular view of the runners below.

Has anyone else run a marathon?  Or what is the most you have run?  Share in the comments below, even if it is 1 mile (that is one more mile than zero)!


  1. Vana Khanjian says:

    Great photos, Mo! Those people are totally inspiring.

  2. Unbelievable – in the cape or not, these are heroes to endurance and ability!

  3. Love the pics! XO

  4. My dad ran the LA Marathon in ’88! It was the most rewarding thing to watch him cross the finish line. I had the same feelings rush back in ’07 when I watched you Mo!
    What an achievement:).