Tom Ford Doesn’t Do Cucumbers

Apparently Tom had quite the scenario with his attempt at a healthy eye treatment…along with his mother!

Do you have a beauty allergy?  If so, tell us in the comments below.  

(Hope it didn’t warrant a hospital visit!)



  1. While I was visiting my best friend in San Diego over 10 years ago, I borrowed her shower gel. We head to the beach and an hour later I get the most obnoxious blotch on my thigh…I mean it looked like a Gorbachev birthmark. It didn’t go away for a couple weeks, so I was highly worried because I’m way vain! 😉 I go to the dermatologist and she connected it to lime oil. She said that many products are now carrying lime oil and it can have cause a reaction when exposed to sunlight. Immediately, I checked the shower gel and yes, it did have lime oil! Still to this day, I’m on the lookout for lime oil and I keep away from lemon oil as well. Interestingly enough, I have no allergic reaction consuming them…thankfully! I love lemon and lime!

  2. Wow, so glad you were able to identify the culprit! For me, I literally have to try everything. My skin has gotten ridiculously sensitive in the last few years. Not sure if I can blame a twin pregnancy, but regardless it was worth it! For instance, I am running out of eye cream. So, I went on a hunt to find one that was free of toxic chemicals. I tried 6 eye creams. Only two did not make my skin burn – and only one was hydrating enough. Thank you for samples to try (and Monique for inspiring me to find safer products)!

    • Samantha, I totally feel you on this one. I was really excited to try the Patya skincare line. It is this gorgeously packaged, natural, and healthy luxury skincare line. I got a mini facial with some of their products and my skin was bright red and waxy for hours after. Now, let me just say because I reacted to the Patya products doesn’t mean it isn’t good, because we all react differently individually. I do find that sometimes these healthy, non-toxic products that the purity potency/cocktail can be too high for our skin. Its like putting all your favorite spices in one dish…belly ache.

      What are you using for eye cream now? How about simplifiying and just apply jojoba oil in the evenings as a night cap?

  3. Maybe the lime oil only caused a reaction because you went in the sun with it. Have you done a lome oil patch in the cooler months?

    • Yes, precisely. The sun created the photo reaction with the lime oil. I just avoid citrus oil in products all together even in the colder months, because there is still some bright sun here in NYC during the winter and the lifetime of the skin reaction did take months to fade…so definitely not worth the testing in my book. Easier to just stay away :)

  4. I completely agree with you – sometimes too much of a good thing is still too much! I tried Argan Oil, and that was too strong around the eye – and the JM Argan eye creams burned. I have started using a Caudalie eye cream and that is working wonders, with no burning! May try some jojoba oil… winter is not even here yet and my skin is already getting too dry!