Today (Thanksgiving) is a day of giving thanks in the States…and yes, engorging ourselves, but I’m not going to talk about food.

I want to thank you for your loyalty, enthusiasm, and those gorgeous reading peepers of yours.  You really give me a skip to my step.  Thank you for enjoying my natural beauty infomaniac-ness (so, totally not a word. Totally.). You make this absolutely worth it.

You have made this a wonderful year and I can’t wait to bring you along for the next phase. There are some really cool rumblings going on with GH right now. Call me a tease, but I can hint to you that GH already has a New Year’s resolution: to be bigger and better than ever, and to look downright pretty while doing it!

By the way, I will be enjoying some downtime for this holiday weekend.  I will be back on Monday with my new giveaway announcement!

You really rock my world,




  1. Happy Thanksgiving Mo! I want to thank you for what you do! I enjoy your blog, your recommendations and your insight. I am so thankful for another year with loved ones. I have made an early resolution for all of us to be healthier – including what products we use on our faces and bodies. Definitely impacted holiday shopping this year as well! Thank you and have a wonderful, restful and flavorful holiday!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving to you too! and I thank you for all you do. I look forward to the next phase and glad you are enjoying the rest of the weekend holiday time. <3

  3. thank YOU beauty! especially for your natural beauty infomaniac-ness! xo