Dermadoctor MED e TATE Sweat Control Wipes

I’ll be straight forward.  I was pretty skeptical when my girlfriend Tawni introduced me to MED e TATE Sweat Control Wipes. Of course, I raise my eyebrows and think “this must be all kinds of toxic.” I plug it into the Environmental Working Group’s Cosmetic Database and I soon find out that it is extremely low in toxins.  My next natural reaction is, “But, does it work?”

I got my answer first hand when I attended a black tie gala for the Saint Francis Foundation in San Francisco last week.


These sweat control wipes are not meant for daily use, but really for special occasions when you are really prone to sweat.  Think weddings, galas, speaking gigs, really hot date, etc.  Also, these wipes do not just deter underarm sweat, MED e TATE wipes can be used on the face and body as well.  This is an excellent solution for those who have hyper-active sweat glands.  The medication in the wipes mimics botox, which is widely used for overactive sweat glands.

MED e TATE wipes worked so well at the gala, I didn’t even remember to “check” myself throughout the evening and an 80 year-old guest picked up on me and comments in my ear, “I hope that dress doesn’t fall off.”  Well, maybe it was my mojo that brought on that comment, not my dry underarms!

Stop your sweat with Dermadoctor’s MED e TATE wipes HERE


  1. monique!

    you (sorta) read my mind! i was wanting to ask you about deodorant. do you already have a post on that and i missed it?

    this is definitely a cool idea…and i’m wondering if you have a deodorant recommendation. i’ve tried lots of natural brands and also made a concoction myself. haven’t really “loved” any of them.

    thx girl! these are def a handy option!

  2. I’m so glad you love these as much as I do!!!
    They really are the best:)

  3. Will need to remember about these for the next big presentation!

  4. My mom sweat horribly and I’m getting married next month. So I think she will be receiving these in her goodie bag. I sweat a lot but most of my sweat is underarm sweat. I would love to know if anyone has used these for underarm sweat or axillary hyperhidrosis. Thanks!