Wedding Bells

If you subscribe to my newsletter, you know that I was participating in my girlfriend Bridgett’s wedding this past weekend.  In fact, I’m proud to say I was her Maid of Honor!  Here are a few pics from the incredible New Year’s Eve wedding in Lake Tahoe, California.  While we were not graced with the usual snow, the terrain was outstanding to relax and pose with!

Bridgett and all of us bridesmaids kept our “cool” with MED e TATE Sweat Control Wipes. It kept us dry, even with our nerves on high alert.  Damn, I love those wipes!

Next week, I’ll share with you what I dressed my hair with to give protection from the cold, dry mountain air.  It provided such a nice sheen for the rehearsal dinner (shown above)…and I use it all over as a body moisturizer as well!  Stay tuned, Beauties!

So, while I was standing at the altar, what did you do for New Year’s Eve?  Share your wild night and resolutions in the comments below, even if they are not beauty related!



  1. Speaking if hair, I spent the nite in nursing a sinus cold, reading, journaling my NY intentions and watching the Vidal Sassoon documentary…it was awesome-the movie and NYE…enjoy Italy! Ciao and love, J.

  2. Gorgeous sunset. Glad you enjoyed and Congratulations to the new couple!