Blue Wonder By Kjaer Weis

Winter blues are not a bad thing when you have Kjaer Weis on your side. This rich, denim blue eyeshadow brings an elegant pick up to your chilly winter greys. A great complement to a sultry, smoky eye.

Kjaer Weis Eye Shadow Compact in Blue Wonder is organic, Beauties. Not only is it organic, it doesn’t crease and goes on elegantly. Yes, I used “elegant” twice and I’m going to use it again, because since when have organic and elegant co-existed when describing a cosmetic line? The packaging is absolutely exquisite like a jewel box and gives such an expensive experience. Now what woman doesn’t like to feel expensive and elegant when applying makeup? Oh, and there are honeysuckle and gardenia extracts in this jewel of a compact. Just divine, Beauties.

Kjaer Weis, thank you for wonderful performing colors and the beautiful experience. GH is a forever fan.

Want to boost your winter blues? Get your Kjaer Weis elegance HERE 

Kjaer Weis is Certified Organic by the CCPB (Italian organic certifying authority). Each product is at least 95% organic.


  1. What a beautiful color! How well does it stay on?

  2. Samantha, it has really great staying power. What’s wonderful about Kjaer Weis is that she is an international makeup artist and doesn’t believe performance has to be sacrificed for healthiness, the two can co-exist. Great formulations.

  3. Hey girl – GREAT color! Love it.
    I’m loving my shadow that I won last year from GH – yay! But have a question…the first ingredient listed is Talc (at least on my shadow) – I know you mentioned Talc not being a great thing…should I be concerned?? Just curious. :)


  4. M White says:

    Yes, not sure you are still commenting here, but they do use talc…and I am wondering the same thing as Stephanie above…not a good ingredient from what I have read.