Last week I got an invite from my girl, Miss Smalls, to attend an evening with jeweler Hilary Park in Brooklyn to showcase her latest collection, Divination Fall 2012.  Jewelry, cocktails, and astrology readings…that’s it, I had to go. Do I have an horoscope app on my iPhone? But, of course!

I arrived to a really warm, intimate, and by far elegant store packed with the most energized and curious guests.  Cocktails were influenced by earth, fire, air, and water. Delectable macaroons, made by Hilary herself, were adorned with strips of paper printed with a unique fortune…again, made by Hilary.  Hilary, glowing and beaming, seamlessly conversed with guests hungry for her craft.  Oh, the jewelry!

Hilary’s work is extremely unique because it is influenced by the powers of astrology and crystals. Through her craftsmanship, stones, she makes an ethereal subject concrete and physically beautiful. Right now, I am adorned with one of Hilary’s citrine necklaces.  Did you know that citrine promotes abundance and prosperity, increases creativity, and provides protection against travel delays, miscommunications, and computer crashes?  Citrine and I are a match made in heaven, I must say!

I had to ask Hilary about her beauty mantra.  What keeps her glowing?

“I work with heat constantly, I’m a fire sign. The heat makes me sweat and I release what needs to be released. Sweating is a renewing, natural cycle.”

Warmly beautiful.

Take a look at images from the adorned evening below.


Does astrology get you giddy like it does me?  Share your sign in the comments below!


  1. Taurus! (earthy)…love the pics

  2. Gorgeous! Love the ‘leaf-skeleton-like’ earrings! Libra over here!