White Towels & Clear Skin

Tonight I had dinner with my newly hired assistant Natasha.  She shows up to dinner with a list of her beauty recommendations, one of them really stood out to me, because I’m a white towel enthusiast and now I know why my subconscious has directed me so…

Natasha sticks to white washcloths because the dyes on color washcloths cause her to breakout.  Now that totally makes sense!  I saw her skin tonight and it was smooth and glowing.  Keep in mind that stark white wash cloths have been treated as well, so if you are ultra sensitive, veer towards unbleached cotton and bamboo towels.

And I thought the only reason why I loved white washcloths was because I knew immediately when they needed to be washed…

Thanks, Natasha!

Now, I must know how you keep your whites clean.  Share in the comments below!

Turkish towels from Restoration Hardware.


  1. I use 1/2 c.-1 c. ammonia to help boost the cleaning power of my laundry detergent to get towels/whites extra bright and clean. Geez! I sound like a commercial, don’t I Mo?!