San Francisco

Last week I had an indulgent five days in San Francisco.  By indulgent I mean juicy wine, creamy cheese, lofty bread, crisp bright skies, panoramic views, and musical trolley bells.  My boyfriend and I got to spend time with a couple of great girlfriends who spoil me rotten with their love.  Here are some of the indulgent highlights…

Soon I will share my special San Francisco visit to In Fiore…pure botanical magic.  Stay tuned!

Visited, live, or love San Francisco?  What are your favorite places?  Share in the comments below!


  1. I visited SF 2 years ago and found the most lovely tea place ever! It’s called Crown & Trumpet (at Ghirardelli Square) and the owner has been working as a showcase designer for Ralph Lauren before she opened her shop. The tea is fantastic, the sweets phenomenal, and the interior truly Alice in Wonderland – like. If I wasn’t in Europe, this place would be my daily refuge..! It’s rare to find particular and special places and this one really stands out, especially if one has a thing for tea time and a way too sweet tooth…

  2. Great pics! sounds like you guys had a great time. Do you have picture of the other side of the napkin with the answers to the trivia?