The List: “3 Free” And “5 Free” Nail Polishes

*Please note this post was written 03.30.2012.  Many formulations have changed. An updated post will be available in October 2013.  Thanks for your patience and tips!


Now that you know what “3 Free” and “5 Free” means, you are primed and ready to get nailed!

So, which major brands are “3 Free” and “5 Free”?

“3 Free” Nail Polishes

No Dibutyl Phthalate, Toluene, and Formaldehyde

American Apparel, Butter London, CND, Deborah Lippmann, Essie, Estee Lauder (+ no formaldehyde resin) Hard Candy, Lancome (+ no formaldehyde resin), Le Metier, M.A.C. (+ no formaldehyde resin), Nars (+ no formaldehyde resin), Nicole, OPI, Priti NYC (+ no camphor), Spa Ritual (+ no formaldehyde resin), Wet ‘n’ Wild

“5 Free” Nail Polishes

No Dibutyl Phthalate, Toluene, Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, and Camphor

Chanel, Dashing Diva, Dior, Givenchy, Hopscotch Kids, L’Oreal, Nubar, Revlon, RGB, Scotch Naturals, Uslu Airlines, Zoya

See a brand that is not listed and should be?  Let me know and I’ll add it to the list!



  1. Wait till you see the HOT new Dior nail shade exclusives for Nordstrom coming out it July! Amazing!!! Can’t wait to show you:). Had no idea, but love that they’re on the 5 Free list too:). Thx for sharing!

  2. Isn’t OPI 3free too?

    • Thanks, so much Trish! Can’t believe I let that one fall off the list. Yes, OPI is “3 Free”. I updated the list.

      • only certain OPI brands are 3 Free. Not all ):

        • I heard this from someone else, so take it in that light, but I heard that if the label on the bottom of OPI says the color name in green it is 3 free. If it is in black it is not. I will possibly research this further to be sure.

          • I believe that all nail lacquers from OPI have been 3 free since 2006. But some hardeners and treatments may contain formaldehyde.

      • Hiya, I believe Barry M is 3-free,as they have helpfully told me this! They also they do not test on animals I think :)

  3. I had no idea Dior and Chanel were so good! I have totally loved the latest Dior shades. Thank you so much for excellent information.

  4. I’m really paranoid about nail polish (the smells usually make me nauseous) so I haven’t worn any since high school. It’s awesome to know what 3 free and 5 free mean, and which brands are safer.

    Thanks for putting this information out there! :) Do you have similar recommendations for lip glosses, or other make up? I’m all ears.

    • Stephanie says:

      I love Aveda products for makeup, skin care, hair care, etc. You could check them out at Hope this helps.

  5. I’m so excited Essie is on there! I love their colors and they wear and last really, really well. Yay!

  6. Samantha says:

    CND is 3-free? I thought they were 2 free – Good to see they updated the formula! Also all OPI is not 3-free, I know the DS series is not.
    Some others are:
    3-free: China Glaze (black label), Color Club, Illamasqua, Dollish, Victoriana
    3 free + no formaldehyde resin: Orly, Rescue Beauty Lounge, Nfu Oh

    Thank you again!!!

  7. Priti NYC is actually what you would call 5-free. It does not contain camphor or Tosylamide, which is formaldehyde resin. Neither does Zoya. Some other good brands for you to add: Acquarella and Honeybee Gardens.

  8. Thanks for this info. You might want to check Honeybee Gardens and Suncoat. BTW Essie does poorly on the Skin Deep website so make sure there aren’t other toxic ingredients in the nail polish besides the top 5.

  9. Gigantic sigh of relief that Essie is on here. And now, I can justify splurging on chanel and dior!

  10. Thank you for this list. I am pleasantly surprised by some of the brands on the list. It greatly increases my color quotient!

    I also use a brand called Julep that is 3 free.

  11. BioSculpture polishes are 3 free as well. And their complete line of gels are formaldehyde and acrylic free! It’s an amazing system! If you haven’t tried it, you MUST!

  12. Are you sure about Chanel? I’ve heard that they were bad, but maybe that was an old formula? I LOVE the colours of Chanel polishes but have been holding off on buying them because I thought they were toxic! Has anyone done a thorough check of the ingredient list? I would do it myself but I don’t understand all those strange names of chemicals lol.
    Love your site!

    • Kesha Chiappinelli says:

      I worked for Chanel 12 years ago and at that time the polishes were toluene and formaldehyde free! It’s should be good cause with tax it’s almost $30 a bottle!

  13. Has Chanel always been 5 free or is it a recent formula change?

  14. What about the Maybelline nail polish?

    • krankenheim says:

      lol — no! I just had a conversation with a chick the other day who claimed to be a makeup artist. When I asked her what her favorite brands are (being a luxury and professional brand junkie I love to talk brand.) She comes back with “Maybelline.” I coulda fell over. No one in their right mind would put that garbage on their nails much less their face!!

      • I just read on a couple other sites that the color show polishes from Maybelline are 3 free. I will have to do so e more research.

  15. hi! NCLA is 5 free. :)

  16. It says on Zoya’s website that they are 5 free!

    • Jo Ann, I would love for that. Can you send me the link? I just checked their site excited to see that they reformulated. According to their website they are still 4 free (free of toluene, DBP, formaldehyde, and camphor)

      • It’s on the top of the page on, under the black bar, it says “big 5 free healthy formula” and lists the toxins that they don’t include in their polishes. I did see on the bottom of the page where they only listed the 4 toxins, so I clicked at the top to live chat and ask if the “about Zoya” section was outdated, or if it’s only certain polishes or collections that are 5 free. Their response was, “It appears the page has not been updated-thank you for bringing this to our attention. The polishes have always been 5 free-however we just recently started advertising Formaldehyde Resin as the 5th toxin we are free of. This is because some polish lines claim to be free of formaldehyde but still contain formaldehyde resin. We are and have always been free of both.” They said they would inform their Web Department that the About Section needs to be updated, so that should clear up potential confusion in the future! Yay for 5 free formulations!

        • Jo Ann! This is AWESOME NEWS!!! Thanks so much for doing all the work, girl! I will update the post right now. I so geek out with these things. 5 free makes my heart sing. I just picked up a few of their colors for fall last week and will be sharing them soon. You rock. Hope they send you some free polish for your excellent investigative work!

          • No problem! Ha, I wish they would send me a thank-you polish! Looking forward to your upcoming post!

  17. I may be wrong but I think some of the lower/mid end brands like Sally Hansen, Sinful Colors, Milani, and Kleancolor are either 3-Free or 5-Free as well.

  18. Color Club are 3-free(+ no formaldehyde resin) (:

  19. A-England is 3-free and cruelty-free too!

  20. I hate to be a bummer, but have you seen this article… It looks like a lot of brands that advertise 3 free actually still have them. :( I’m bummed because I don’t know a way to avoid these.

    • That is unfortunate, Lori. Thanks for the article. As the study founded and the article states, it was the very small brands that failed and were mislabeled as 3 free. These were: Sation, Dare to Wear, Chelsea, Baby’s Breath, New York Summer, Paris, Sunshine, Cacie, Golden Girl, Nail Art, and High Gloss. So, there is no need to be bummed because there are plenty 3 free, 4 free, and 5 free that aren’t mislabeled to choose from, thankfully! If you were an avid user of the failed mentioned above, then I understand the frustration.

  21. I have all kinds of nail polish o.p.i, china glaze, nicole by o.p.i sinful colors and revlon, but out of all of them I keep going back to revlon I actually think they are so under rated and are much better than high end polishes. They are 5 free, not tested on animals, afforable price, true to color in bottle, very pigmented, takes only need 1 to 2 coats, goes on smooth, last for a week without chipping for me, they are now with more colors so the selction is good and they are easy to find in most stores.

  22. what about Piggy Paint? I’m looking for my daughter because I refuse to let her wear polish if it’s made of c-r-a-p :/

  23. Thank you so much for your wonderful site! There is no camphor in the sparitual nail polish. Shouldn’t it be listed in the 5 free? Thank you!

  24. Hi!

    Greta blog!
    Do you know is Anny is Free too? Looking for it online but can’t find it out.


  25. Hi!

    Greta blog!
    Do you know is Anny is Free too? Looking for it online but can’t find it out.


  26. Avon’s Nail Polish is also a 3-Free, minimally. :-)

  27. Hello,

    Just wanted to let you know Scotch Naturals & Hopscotch Kids are completely 100% Free!

    Erin Kennedy Jordan
    National Sales Manager
    Scotch Naturals
    “Intoxicating manicure without the chemical hangover”

  28. Jesse’s Girl High Intensity Nail Colors, as well as JulieG Nail Colors (also produced and distributed by Jesse’s Girl) are both “Big Three Free” (no DBP, no Toluene, no Formaldehyde).

  29. According to the label, Fresh Paint (from Five Below, of all places) is 3-free. Allegedly.

  30. Julep is 3 free (plus formaldehyde resin free) so 4 free….

  31. Nailmatic

  32. I am actually looking for is a brand that I can trust which is
    “5-Free”. I have had beautiful long healthy nails since I was 16, they were the envy of every woman. Now they have ridges and split open at the ends on the ridgeline. I have been using Sally Hansen products for about 5 years now- in an attempt to “hold them together” they keep getting worse-I wonder if this is adding to the problem. I only use clear polish since color will only accentuate the (appearance) splitting.
    It has been suggested that this is simply the aging process…I refuse to accept that for an answer. My dermatologist looks at me like …don’t you have anything else to worry about…of course I do, but this is something that I can and will control!! She suggested Biotin. I have been taking Biotin daily for 6 months now. I have no vitamin deficiencies. Does anyone have a suggestion for my problem?

    • Hi Maria

      This may be happening because of something you are eating or maybe not eating. I suggest going to see a naturopathic doctor that can help you out. Dr. Shelly Reitkop is amazing. She will do an assessment and come to a conclusion of why this is happening to your nails.

    • Maria, sorry to recommend another blog on someone’s blog, but I wanted to pass this on because I know it will help you! There is a blog called loodieloodieloodie and she goes into very detailed information on nail health. Read her section on nail hardeners. Also supplement that with reading what she has to say about how to file and nail shape. I hope that helps!

    • I’ve had the same problem! I simply quit applying anything to my nails & lo and behold, they grew out! I usually don’t wear anything on my nails now but they’re beautiful so I don’t mind. Btw, it took about a month to get my nails in proper shape. I just kept trimming them and then letting them grow out on their own. Hope it helps! Now I’m just wondering if I’ll wear nail Polish again. I tried recently & even though I took it of the next day I could tell that it’s what did the damage :/

  33. Hiya, is Nails Inc toxic-free?

  34. Allison Kinney says:

    Can you tell me if Mineral Fusion is 5 free??? I bought at Whole Foods with the understanding that it was avoiding all chemicals?. Should I return?

  35. I think Nfu Oh is still missing from your list. According to this, it is 5-free: It is really helpful to have an updating list as new brands come into the picture and more information becomes available pre-purchase.

  36. Hi
    Just wanted to add to your list. Butter London and Avon Polishes are also 3 free.

  37. Julep can be added to the 5 free list. Love Julep, and omg you have to try their polymer top coat!!

  38. Sally Hansen and Sinful Colors can be added to the 3 Free list. I am not sure about Covergirl’s new Outlast polishes without emailing them.

  39. e.l.f nail polishes are also 3 free and they cost $2 each 😀

  40. Joanne says:

    Color Me Beautiful’s nail lacquers are also big 5 free!

  41. Dazzle Dry is 5 Free

  42. So glad I found this! I am actually allergic to formaldehyde and there is no way I can use a nail varnish that contains it.

  43. @Vanda Watch out for some of the nail hardeners/strengtheners. For example OPI is 3 Free, but OPI Nail Envy Original contains Formaldehyde (and works amazing.) I’m sure there are some safe hardeners/strengtheners for you, you may want to check out the blog loodieloodieloodie, great info there on ingredients.

  44. Thank you for your informative posts on this subject! I’m new to this, and eager to use products that are free of these kinds of toxins! I found the following polishes, which all claim to be free of at least three of the toxins, but aren’t on your list:
    4 Free (all but forlmaldehyde resin):
    Priti Polish

    3 Free:
    No Miss Vegan Nail Polish, Karma Organics

    The following are free from pthalates, formaldehyde, and toluene, so maybe they’re a 2+ Free?
    Beauty Without Cruelty, Keeki Pure & Simple

    I also found this article in Slate, where the California EPA “randomly sampled 25 brands of [3 Free] polish. They found that 10 of a dozen products claiming to be free of toluene actually contained it; four brands with dangerously high levels. Five of the seven products claiming to be entirely ‘free of the toxic three’ included high levels of one or more of the chemicals.” They give the names of the brands which failed the test in this article. OPI was not one of them, which was reassuring.

    • Priti (NY-based.) is also one of the main nail polish companies in fashion industry, being part of the leader brands in all runway shows.

      This is not very broadly advertised, but after learning a bit from them I think they’re an excellent choice.

  45. Love the info I found here, but still missing one thing–clear nail strengtheners, treatment for brittle nails, etc. Many of the polish brands do not carry them, or at least stores don’t carry them.

    Really frustrated to learn “formaldehyde free” does not include resins. Also, when are some reasonable packaging requirements going to be standardized. Even with a MAGNIFIER I can’t read ingredients half of the cosmetic products out there…


  46. Sorry to tell you but OPI does contain formaldehyde.

    • Linda, thanks for writing. According to OPI their nail polishes have never utilized formaldehyde as an ingredient. Their nail hardeners, on the other hand, do contain formaldehyde (they also offer no formaldehyde hardeners. (this info can be found under their about page as “OPI Cares”.

      • You are right! They don’t contain formaldehyde, they contain formaldehyde resin and camphor.

  47. Sinful Colors is 3 free! 😀

  48. krankenheim says:

    Hello! Could you please add Julep to the list? Most of their colors are 4-free, however some are still 3-free. The 3-free are being phased out. Julep has gorgeous, long-lasting colors! Thanks!

  49. Natalie says:

    Ciaté is 3-free as well :)
    I’m not too sure about the O.P.I polishes cuz there is always a strong chemical smell whenever i walk past nail salons that are using them.

    • I heard this from someone else, so take it in that light, but I heard that if the label on the bottom of OPI says the color name in green it is 3 free. If it is in black it is not. I will possibly research this further to be sure.

  50. Adore Nail Polish is my new line and it’s also 5 free along with pregnancy safe and vegan friendly! If you wouldn’t mind please add Adore to your list.

  51. Laura M says:

    Hi girls,
    another 3free is Leighton Denny, lovely crystal nail file too!

  52. Someone know the ingredients of the pupa nails polish? Sorry if my english is bad but i don’t speak this language :)

  53. Nell Shaw says:

    Hey! I just found your blog, and I’m so glad I did— I’m 16 and am really concerned that my beauty products etc are natural! So this list is really useful for me! I was just wondering: do you know of any all natural nail polish removers? I’ve found that the normal retail ones (even non-acetone) give me a horrid rash..
    Anyway thanks for all of this! xo

  54. Julep is 4 free

  55. Nars isn’t 3 free. It’s 2 free… contains DPB

    • Hello, Jennifer. I was just on the phone with Nars Cosmetics and they are indeed 3-Free. There is incorrect information on the Sephora website listing DBP as an ingredient in Nars nail lacquers. I notified Nars of the Sephora discrepancy, so hopefully this will be updated soon.

  56. I think Mavala is 3-Free too.

  57. AKayStyle Nail Polish contains no formaldehyde, DBP, toluene, or camphor. It is also 100% vegan and cruelty free.

  58. According to their website, Mavala is 5-free.

  59. I just wanted to let you know that you have a few nail polishes on your 5 free list that should be on the 3 free list. L’Oreal’s Colour Riche polish for example, contains tosylmide/epoxy resin, which is just another nail for formaldehyde resin. You might want to recheck the ingredients lists for the brands you listed, because it may be misleading to people who read this.

    • Connie,

      Thanks for your comment. Tosylamide/epoxy resin does not contain formaldehyde, nor is it a synonym ingredient name of formaldehyde resin. Formaldehyde resin is listed as “tosylamide/formaldehyde resin” which is derived from toluene sulfonamide and formaldehyde. Their link is that they are both plasticizers and film formers.

  60. What about “Oh My Gosh?” And clear coat ‘Reform A” nail force strengthener and renewal? I love this clear strengthener!

  61. Hi :)
    What about YSL nail polish?

  62. Our polish formula at Knocked Up Nails is also 5-free and vegan. Our silly polish colors are perfect for expecting mama’s (i.e. O-BLUE-GYN!) :)

  63. Please add PritiNYC to 5-free and vegan nail polishes. Thanks!

  64. Hey all,

    I recently used Essie nail polish and I broke out in hives!! I was crying for at least an hour from the fumes until I took the nail polish off. Is all essie polish 3 free or just some of the colors? I was trying to read the ingredients but they’re written for mice!!!


    • NourISH Organic Enriched Nail Polish is 3 free but it also has Tea Tree Oil, Lemongrass Oil, Thyme Oil, soy protein, and vitamins C and E. It goes on rich and vibrant and lasted me over a week without chipping, although I’m rough on my hands.

  65. Justice Store nail polish for girls. Is that safe? My granddaughter has a bunch of it .

  66. Hi! Bondi is not on this list (it’s relatively new) and it’s five-free (and awesome!) :)

  67. Revlon nail polishes do contain “camphor”.

    • Hello, Julie. I looked over the nail polishes at the drugstore and didn’t find it listed, so I called Revlon and they do use camphor in their Core Nail Enamel. Thanks for the tip. This post was written 2 years ago, so many formulations have changed. I will be updating this post in October.

      • Yes, but please note, Revlon is not cruelty-free! That’s so wrong.
        For a cheap alternative you can try Wet N’ Wild, 5- and cruelty-free.
        Hard Candy and LA Girl (both drugstore brands) are also cruelty-free.

  68. Hi Monique,

    We have a line of 5-free, vegan polishes made in Australia (but we ship worldwide!) called “Dead Set Babes” – we do a mix of glitter & flat polishes, hope you would be so kind as to add us to your list.

    Thank you!


    • Hi Bella,
      Are you able to ship worldwide because of the product ingredients or do you have to classify it as “Nail Polish”. If you or anyone could contact me that would be great. Thanks.

      • Hi Ann,

        We have a DG license & can ship worldwide, please see our website & if there are any colours that you would like let me know and we can sort something out for you :)

        Thanks so much!


  69. Jamberry Nail Lacquer is 5 free. It is a new product.

  70. Hi, please don’t forget Acquarella. One of the purest nailpolishes in the world, besides Scotch. New brands as KureBazaar are I think 3 free. Deborah Lippman as far as I know also.

  71. Face Stockholm is 3 free also

  72. Lily & Co. is 5 Free!!! carried in boutiques across the country and 25% gives back to women & children in rehab from sex trafficking!

  73. What’s the point of including companies that are 5- and 3- when they TEST ON ANIMALS!

    L’oreal, Estee Lauder, Givenchy, Diol, Lancome, etc.

    I wish that in the updated post, the cruelty-free companies get some extra credit.

  74. L’oreal isn’t 5 free. It has Formaldehyde resin unfortunately.

  75. Would you happen to know about Orly, Skin Food and Ciate? :)

  76. Kuree bazaar is made from non petroleum ingredients and is 3 free. Intensae is also 5 free…

  77. Starrily is also 5-free

  78. Hi,
    October 2013 has passed. Still waiting the update of the list:).

  79. hi, may i know what about Elianto’s nail polish of ingredient?

  80. Maria azzi says:

    You girls are wrong to name Opi as 3free .Opi is NOT 3free. If you peel the label found in the bottom all the ingredients are listed and you will read that it contains formaldehyde and more very nocives.

  81. Jamberry Nail Lacquer’s are 5 free!

  82. American Apparel has formaldehyde in their polishes. It says bit right on the ingredients list. At the very top of the back of the bottle is states “DPB, Tolulene Free” Also if you have an older bottle of OPI it may contain any of the afore mentioned ingredients. Check/read your labels to be safe.

  83. Julie G appears to be 3-free.

  84. Hi everyone, I was trying to find if Nails Inc 3-free or non free of anything? Was trying to find some information online but could not unearth anything!

    Would appreciate if anyone does know. Thank you

  85. Have you heard of Suncoat?

  86. Where is the October 2013 version of the
    “3 Free, 5 Free Nail Polishes?”

  87. As a couple of others have commented, Jamberry Nail Lacquers are 5 Free. There are 12 colors and 3 top coats. Additionally, there are over 250 nail wraps that are Made in the USA, vegan and gluten free. The company is also a member of the Fair Labor Association. Thank you for posting this list. Most styles of wraps and nail lacquers are $15 USD.

  88. Orly is 3 free and some products within the range are 5 free :)

  89. Is the update to this post coming? I’d love to see the current list!

    • Soon! Thanks for your patience. I had unforeseen events at the end of last year which slowed my roll and shifted my priorities. I will announce the list to each commenter here once it is live the beginning of February.

  90. I just learned that Ulta’s brand of nail polish is 3-free as well!

  91. Hey.. I just bought an OPI 3-in-1, it got formaldehyde and camphor in the ingredients, so not all of their products are 3-free.. it depends on the types I guess..

  92. can’t wait for the new list to be published in Feb! add me to your announcement list. thanks!

  93. Sheila Rosart says:

    Have you checked out “The Poisoned Lacquer” Hand-Blended Nail Polish? It is 3 free and they are moving towards 5-free shortly, and is a small, woman-owned business out of Tucson, AZ. They do custom orders and have an interesting selection, and most colors are named after Shakespearean references. You can order online at:

  94. Hi – All MiniLuxe polish is 5-free! Can you add them to your list. I am happy to mail you samples so you can try them for yourself!

  95. Frilly lilly polish is “5 Free” as well

  96. Hello!

    I found your Post so usefull, but I’m worried about my nail polish. I’ve got 65 nail polish, most from Kiko cosmetics (Italian Brand). I found this on their website: Apparently their nail polish are 4-free but if they’re lying I will be upset and insecure of using them anymore. Do you know if this Brand is totally 4-free? They say in their website, according to EU laws, they’re not testing on animals their final products and producer goods, so it’s forbbiden to use producer goods from other countries where they’re testing on animals too (I hope so). Do you know if all these brands above test their products on animals?

    Thank you so much for the information, I’ve really loved your Blog

    • I agree with Aida. I would love to see the update list include whether the polish is from a company that doesn’t test on animals. Thanks!

    • I agree with Aida. I would love to see the updated list include whether the polish is from a company that doesn’t test on animals. Thanks!

  97. Is Mavala 3free? What about Nails inc. London?

  98. Hello, as far as “free” concept and animal testing pls let me clarify a few things. Within EU animal testing is not aloud wherefore all cosmetic companies manufacturing their bulk in EU will have to do their testing on humans. However, if bulk is manufactured outside EU and only filled in EU you have no garanties whether their Nail polish is “free” or not tested on animals. Scratch Nails polishes and treatments were developed for the pharmaceutical business 1992 without any of the “5 free” ingredients. Scratch formula is manufactured in France so you are completely safe.
    The polish is tested on humans EVIC Study PT/D ref: Il 678/05.272.

  99. Hi – great website, thanks. Is Marvala 3 free? And the question is, what then do you use to take the nail polish off with?

  100. Just so you know, Julep is 5 free!

  101. Would like to be updated when new list arrives – thanks

  102. Simone Cury says:

    HI, Im in Brazil now. Lived in USA for almost 10 years.
    I start an new jod here. Nail Bar. Not open yet, i need more one month. I need to know what is the bast polish 3 and 5 free to bring for my business here.
    Could you help me, please.
    Simone Cury

    • If you’re interested in treat collection for your salon, find me on Linked in or reach out directly through our website. Thanks!

  103. The whole 3-free concept can be confusing and misleading, especially when it comes to formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is actually a gas and is therefore not technically in nail polishes, so some companies have been able to correctly claim that they do not have formaldehyde in their polishes., when they indeed do contain Tosylamide/Formaldehyde resin (a resin made using formaldehyde). I have had to do a lot of research on this formaldehyde resin when I found out I am allergic to it. I have had contact dermatitis for months and patch testing finally concluded I am allergic to Tosylamide/Formaldehyde resin, which is found in many nail polishes I use, including OPI!!! I found this out by simply reading the ingredient list on my OPI polishes. Other brands, like Sally Hansen and Revlon, so not contain Tosylamide/Formaldehyde resin. I haven’t checked for the other ingredients though, I was only concerned about the resin I was allergic to. But I thought the clarification on formaldehyde vs Tosylamide/Formaldehyde resin might help people who hear about companies being misleading and confusing! :)

  104. 3-Free
    Sonia Kashuk
    Sinful Colors

  105. Jamberry Nail Lacquer is 5 free.

  106. Hi everyone loves this blog!
    Can anyone tell me if no7 stay perfect is 3 free?

  107. Hi, Just wanted to add that Inglot nail enamel also do not contain – Formaldeyhde, DBP, Camphor or Toluene. Please add to your list! Thank you!

  108. Charlotte says:

    Hi, Barry M does not have any of the toxic ‘5’ ingredients. Please can you add this to your list. Thanjs

  109. Ulta brand is formaldehyde and toluene free for sure but I’m not sure about any of the other chemicals.

  110. Julep is 5-free and vegan.

  111. Hi, ladies
    A new brand from Berlin just launched in the US. It’s call treat collection. It is not only 5-free, the colors are beyond amazing (esp. nudes and reds), the brush is wider and softer for better application, and it’s as toxin-free as a performing polish can be because the EU certification process is very stringent (for instance, they had to change or remove some pigments that did not meet criteria). I’m really impressed with the line.

  112. Julep polishes are 5 free and they have some great shades. Though personally, I don’t really love their quiz. It always says I am boho (which is true) but when it comes to nail polish I like bold colors and matte pastels. Every color I like there is in their “It Girl” line.

  113. Not sure if you have heard this before, but Korres Athens have 7 free nail polishes.

    This is what they claim to have taken out of the polishes:

    The prices in Norway are a bit lower than mid- range, and they have fantastic colors. They are also easy to work with!

  114. we are vegan and 5 free handmade nail polish

  115. Jennifer says:

    Five Free – Jenna Hipp. Costco carries some of her line.

  116. A German testing service called Ökotest (eco test) recently tested a bunch of nail polishes for dangerous and harmful substances and they found that Butter London who is claiming to be 3 free does in fact contain traces of formaldehyd and – what is really bad – phenol in high concentrations. Butter London did not react to this test result nor gave any explanation for these results besides closing their German website. So, up to now, you CANNOT consider Butter London as 3free.

    (link to the test results (in German):
    translated link via GoogleTranslate: )

  117. Inglot and Nyx!

  118. Hi! I’m allergic to formaldehyde and its resin, so I have to use the 4free nail polishes. I already tried OPI, China Glaze, Essie and Revlon and they give me allergies. So I changed it to Dior and Nars and it’s ok! Now I wanna try MAC and Givenchy. But what about YSL??

  119. Julep has 5-free polish as well as Jamberry Nail Laquers are 5-free.

  120. Ella+Mila is missing from this list!!!!!!!!! They have the best colors and are very rich polishes. 5-free, vegan, made in the USA, and much more!

  121. Jamberry Nails carries 5-Free lacquer as well! Very inexpensive compared to other 5-Free lacquer

  122. I don’t know if this was mentioned in the comments yet, but Avon nail polishes are “3 free” too.

  123. Habit Cosmetics should be added to 5-Free! Habit gives you luxury, on-trend color AND strengthens your nails, all without the harmful chemicals found in other brands. It is the only nail polish that includes myrrh extract, known for its ability to strengthen nails. The polishes are vegan, cruelty free, 5-Free, gluten free, and feature a stunning bamboo overcap.

  124. We are 5 free!!!! Cheeky monkey cosmetics is a good for you brand!!!

  125. Jessica polishes are 5 free and were one of the first brands to do so!

  126. The Italian brand Faby is 5 free :) lovely colours!

  127. Please add Piggy Paint and Honeybee Gardens to the safe nail polish list.:-)

  128. Is all Avon nail polish’s toxic free even the clear ones?

  129. Ulta brand (both professional and salon labels) nail polishes are 3 free. Learned this from the questions section on the website. They also have pretty great colors and last a decent amount of time.

  130. What about bourjois paris? Isn’t it three free? I know they don’t have many nail polishes but i think it should be on the list..

  131. Jamberry nail Polish is 5 free, $15 per bottle :)

  132. Smith & Cult is also 5-free!

  133. Would you be a dear and add Jamberry Nail Lacquer to the 5 Free list? Thank you so much!

  134. 5 free vegan and hand mixed artisan quality indie polish

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