Valentina’s Home-Brewed

Are you a girl who loves steeping in a bath while sipping on some tea…a.k.a. the double steep?  Ok, ok…I can hear some of you shout out “Wine, wine!”.  I do the wine steep too and love it.  Or, have you ever sipped on the loveliest tea, you would soak in it?

Done and done.

Valentina’s Home-Brewed Spells And Potions does all of the above (minus the wine) with Valentina’s Magickal Mineral Bath Salts and Magickal Tea Infusions.

These are all brought to you by a woman who used to make homemade love spells for friends in high school and was a paid tarot card reader along the Seine River in France, all spurred from stumbling upon a book of gypsy spells at the age of nine!  Valentina has definitely done her magick homework with her organic and wildcrafted herbs and flowers.  Yes, no pesticides change the energies of these wonderful ingredients.

So, let’s soak up the good energies with Valentina’s Magickal Mineral Bath Salts!  There are five varieties that suit your every need and mood.

Habit Breaker: Looking to break a bad habit or something that isn’t suiting your well-being?  Soak up Habit Breaker’s cedarwood, palmarosa, and patchouli for 30 days to embark your new beginning.

Prosperity: Tried and true by yours truly. I have been soaking and/or sipping on Prosperity tea on the regular for over a month. It delivers.  Some unexpected funds started to show up in my bank accounts.  Dear bergamot, anise, and cacao, you have all blessed me. Thank you!

True Love: Cardamom, chocolate, roses, and coriander sets your heart ready for attraction. Perfect if you are on the hunt or linked up.

Psychic Detox: Stuck in a rut? Let citrus, eucalyptus, rosemary, myrtle, and elemi remove your energies that are not working for you.  Psychic Detox will enable you to create a new or better picture in your life.

Protection: Need armor from outside negative energies? Slip into a bath of Protection. Frankincense, bergamot, and patchouli will build a barrier from those unnecessary energies, leaving you free.

Oh, and all products are suitable for the most discerning skeptic. Trust me.


  1. Samantha says:

    This sounds like heaven. Period.

  2. thanks for sharing. I love this & I will be ordering mines today! :)

  3. everyone i know works at the store in portland; it’s great stuff. they come home smelling like awesomeness. and bring samples!