EWG’s 2012 Sunscreen Report

Call me a junkie, nerd, afficionada, cuckoo, SPForexic, addict, wrinkle-phobe, monster, Tan Mom’s nemesis, SPF librarian, and/or a tan conservative, but today is one of the days of the year I await with bated breath…

The Environmental Working Group released their 2012 Sunscreen Report today!!!

Our GH favorites are still on the list and excelling at healthy, performance broad UV protection.  Hallelujah for maintaining the coveted EWG title, btw!  What gets my panties in a bunch each year (in an excited way, not a bad way) is that the list keeps growing with new SPF brands and established SPF brands that have altered their formulas to fully protect us healthfully.

I’m absolutely giddy that the sunscreen store shelves will be a bit healthier this year than last.  For instance, Coppertone has one more healthy sunscreen to add to their repertoire (note: I will update my post from a couple days ago with those products).

While I’m jumping up and down with SPF-with-less-toxins elation, you should check out their list!

Ahhhhhhh…I just love Melanoma Awareness Month on GH!

Use protection, Beauties!