Skin Cancer Alphabet

We are told incessantly to protect our skin from UV rays to prevent skin cancer, but do you know what a suspicious mole looks like?

Along with your yearly skin examination with a dermatologist, it is advised to self-examine skin throughout the year.  Here are five characteristics of cancerous moles.  When in doubt, make an immediate appointment with your doctor.

The ABCDE’s Of Skin Cancer

One half of the mole does not symmetrically match the other half.


Edges are blurring into surrounding skin, ragged, or notched.


Color is uneven and various tan, brown, dark brown, tones are present.  Look for white, grey, red, pink, and blue as well.


The size has increased or decreased. Melanomas are usually larger than 1/4 inch or 5mm (think the size of a pencil eraser).


Evolving.  Any change in size, elevation, or color over time.  Any change of symptoms over time, such as itching, bleeding, or crusting.

While you are checking your skin, don’t forget the soles of your feet, scalp, in between fingers and toes, and in between that gorgeous bum of yours!

How about you, Beauties? Have any of you discovered your own cancerous/suspicious mole?  Tell us your story.