Farm Couture FaceWHIP

I had the pleasure of receiving such a beautifully wrapped box from Catherine Ianelli of Farm Couture a few months ago.  I open up my shipment and my senses are immediately transported to a rustic farm lush with wildflowers. A Farm Couture glass jar filled with cream is garnished with dried flowers, a beautiful and thoughtful replacement for the cushioning styrofoam/bubble wrap normally found in shipments.

Catherine is a former NYC celeb esthetician for La Mer and La Prairie. In response to all the chemicals and toxins she and her clients were being exposed to, she developed her hand-crafted skin care line Farm Couture.  Catherine sources all of her ingredients from farms and local artisans.  Farm Couture is free of fragrance, chemicals, and synthetics.

Farm Couture FaceWHIP is a high-end, nourishing blend of goat’s milk, shea butter, grapeseed oil, and citric acid. Goat’s milk is a powerful, gentle, and restorative skin care ingredient. It stimulates collagen production and calms skin irritations.  I have been toting my glass jar of FaceWHIP wherever I go.  Just a dollop goes a long way.  If my skin becomes upset due to traveling or lack of hydration, FaceWHIP immediately calms and restores my skin to supple.

Treat your skin to nourishing farm luxury HERE.


  1. I LOVE this face whip – been using it since February and it gives me a whole new glow. I love that you only need the tiniest amount so it lasts quite long. Thanks for sharing!

    • Call me a nerd, but I love spinning open that jar lid. Farm Couture’s packaging provides for a lovely, sense-appealing daily experience.

  2. Yes, agreed. Love the whip, love the girl! Cat is through and true – a farm couture girl and her product is of the highest quality. I LOVE the whip!

  3. Samantha says:

    This sounds amazing!!

  4. I want to buy your product. But, i am in india. Could u please reply me how do i get the order of farm couture whip face cream. I expect ur reply.