Your New Daily Beauty Dose

Goddess Huntress is now going full time, as many of you know.  But, what does that really mean exactly?

This is what Goddess Huntress will be feeding or, shall we say, beautifying you with every day:

Monday Stop by for some regular life, a.k.a. In The Wild inspiration.  I’ll be sharing photos from my life outside of the internet, be it delicious brunch with friends, a stroll into an antique store, foraging through a farmer’s market, an impromptu road trip…you get the idea.

Tuesday Check in for On The Hunt Tuesdays for the new beauty item you will want to add to your repertoire.  As you know, I only share with you products I like, use, and love!  The products I adore will then be featured on my Fav Products page, where you will always will have a direct post link to purchase. I’ve got you.

Wednesday Ask The GH.  Got a good question? On Wednesdays I’ll answer it and sometimes I will ask you for some beauty advice.  Mind you, skin and beauty are sensitive subjects and what works for one may not work for the other.  I will answer to the best of my ability or bring in an expert to do so.  This is a great space to chime in with your own advice in the comments.

Thursday It is all about the Mo-Jo.  Here I will talk about any new and groundbreaking beauty news, how-to’s, fun beauty facts, my opinions, and any updates. We will celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and holidays here too. Cheers!

Friday Beauty Bites!  This is a brand new segment that I’m really hungry about (and evidenced if you follow me on Pinterest).  We all know to eat our fruits and veggies, but do we really know the beauty benefits of consuming them?  Each week I will feature a fruit or vegetable, give you their beauty facts, then feature a delicious recipe that has been tried, tested, and loved in the GH Kitchen!  Keep an eye out for guest chefs and DIY beauty treatments to be included in our beauty feast.  Dinner and a movie has nothing on us!

In addition, I will sprinkle in giveaways and cancer fighting causes on the regular!

Hungry for more GH?

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So happy to be your daily dose and more now!  Overdoses on GH are sooooooo impossible.



*Is randomness even a word? Oh, well.


  1. Love it all!!!!

  2. Yeah!!! Congrats!