Q & A: DIY Sunscreen

Since so many sunscreens have some scary components, is making your own sunscreen at home a healthy solution?  -Alex V.

A. Great question, Alex.  If you do a search on Google, you will find lots of DIY sunscreen recipes floating around.  While at first the idea sounds good, here is why you shouldn’t try your hand at sun protection chemistry:

  • You will never know the exact SPF of your homemade lotion
  • You do not know its water resistance
  • You will not know the last of your lotion and when to reapply
  • Since you do not know the exact SPF you will not be able to apply accordingly with the UV index of said day
  • Most importantly, the level of UVA protection is unknown
There are plenty of healthy sunscreens out there that perform excellently.  If you want a healthy sunscreen that is the crème de la crème in protection, keep an eye out for the following certifications:


Natural Product Association Certified Natural Seal

Europe’s Boots Star Rating (Look for 4-5 stars)

Japan’s PA Rating (Look for +++)

PA+ (some UVA protection)

PA++ (moderate UVA protection)

PA+++ (good UVA protection)

U.S.A.’s UVA Designation (equal protection of UVB and UVA)

Broad Spectrum

Since the United States didn’t have a consistent UVA rating system until this year, many American brands sought out these coveted international certifications and still do.

Let’s leave it to the experts.  Plus, doesn’t making sunscreen sound like the most un-fun thing you can do on your kitchen counter? I’m just sayin’… (wink, wink)

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