In Flight Beauty

On my recent flight back from Milan, I had the pleasure of meeting Remy Fuentes.  Remy Fuentes is probably one of the best flight attendants I have ever encountered.  His spirit and enthusiasm is really refreshing.  He spoiled me with champagne on that flight (and yeah, according to his tips below, I shouldn’t have been imbibing…). Being that he has been flying for 25 years (and doesn’t look a day older than 35), I had to ask him for his flight tips and tricks.


Try to eat a healthy meal before you board. Airline meals are notorious for sodium, hence the bloated feeling.

In Flight Drinks:

First and foremost, stay hydrated. The best way to do this is water. A glass of water per hour minimum. More is better, despite the trips to the bathroom.

Now for the killers: Coffee, liquor, and wine are not good for flying. If you’re going to drink make sure you hydrate with water drink for drink. One drink, one glass of water. The thin air at 35,000 feet, make the effects of alcohol stronger and quicker.

Hot water with lemon is a great cleanser.

For energy before landing sip on green tea. (Bring your own)

In Flight Sleep:

Soothing teas, such as chamomile, help for sleeping.  Good tip is to bring your own since a lot of airlines do not provide them.

Drugs such as sleeping pills,relaxers, etc., take effect quicker and leave one feeling hangover and/or groggier.

In Flight Skin:

Hydrated sprays are great for the skin and facial creams are even better at keeping your skin hydrated.

Rub moisturizer onto feet and slip on a pair of fresh socks for pampering comfort.

Regularly moisturize hands.  The bathroom soap is ultra-drying since it is anti-bacterial.


To get back in your time zone, take a fast-paced walk or jog and you’re back on track!


Do you have any travel tips?  Share in the comments below, Jetsetters!


  1. Chaundra says:

    My face always ends up feeling dirty and sticky when flying so I always bring facial wipes in my purse!

  2. Ooh I’m with Chaundra on the wipes – I love using Herban Essentials lavendar wipes for cleansing my face and calming me down and the lemon wipes for cleaning my hands and waking me up before landing! Also, big fan of Calms Forte, a homeopathic sleep/relaxation aid for longer flights. Thanks for the insider tips, Remy and Mo!