What Is Your Beauty Vice?

What is your beauty vice?

I ask this not to out you and cast you into the corner.  As you know GH is not a place of judgement, but a place of information so you can choose what to clean up and clutch onto the dirty stuff you want to keep around you.  I just want to make clear that sometimes I can be a walking contradiction, I am no angel (thank goodness).

So, I’ll start with my beauty vices…

I get my hair highlighted and don’t see myself ever quitting getting adorned with bleach.

Sometimes I will wear a not-so-healthy lipstick just for the sake of its great pop of color.

I fill in my eyebrows with a not-so-healthy powder.

I sleep with my makeup on.

I don’t wash my makeup brushes as much as I really should.

I’m never one to turn down red wine or margaritas, even if it sometimes makes my face red.  Oh, I love them so.

Ooooo!  That felt so good to come clean with. If any more come to mind, I will add them as I remember.


Beauties, I’d love to know…What are your guilty beauty pleasures or favorite toxic products?  Please divulge in the comments below.  Absolutely no judgements here. xx


  1. I use good ol’deoderant, not the crunchy stuff which never, ever works.

    • Angela, I feel you…had I wrote this a few months ago, I’d list naughty deodorant as a vice. I never thought I’d find a healthy one that worked.

  2. Bridget says:

    I almost ALWAYS fall asleep with my makeup on – but (in reference to another recent post) I use Alima minerals and I find them so pure and gentle, I never break out from this. (Now, when I have dirty pillow cases, that is another matter…)

    I guess my main beauty vice is that I know coffee doesn’t help my dark undereye circles but I can’t get through my morning without a cup. Energy!

  3. Coffee, certain serums, and staying up late to watch bad TV even though beauty sleep is cheap, natural, & effective.

  4. Monique, I love my expensive department store foundation. How bad is it? I also love my expensive department store famous red lipstick and I love my department store mascara. How bad are they? I am researching and testing now to find products to replace. I know I have to say goodbye and it’s the right thing, but to be honest, it’ll be hard.