I got introduced to fennel once I started traveling to Italy for work.  It is so refreshing when raw, it gorgeously carmelizes when grilled, and its seeds prove for such a soothing tea.  Fennel is popularly known for its digestive healing wonders, but what about the other stuff?  Let’s peer into its beauty benefits:

The phenolic acid in fennel may have a connection to skin cancer prevention

Fennel has vitamin C , which is key to collagen production and the firmness of skin.  It is crucial to sunburn and sun damage healing

Fennel also has niacin which promotes cell regeneration and boosts hair, nail, and skin health

Fennel contains copper.  Copper is needed for collagen production

*Please note that fennel can interact with antibiotics, especially Cipro.  Also, if you are pregnant or breast feeding, it is advised to avoid fennel because this bulb stimulates hormone production and the uterus.  High doses of fennel may stimulate menstruation and induce miscarriage.

Beauties, normally I would pull this post from publishing because of its possible harmful effects, but I think it is more informative to post for prevention and pregnancy health purposes.  Fennel is a wonderful vegetable, just note that if you are with child or feeding you need to step away from this recipe…only for a bit.

Shaved Fennel and Strawberry Salad

I adapted this recipe.  I sliced the fennel more rustically because I like the crunch.  I also used red balsamic vinaigrette….only just because.  I swapped the arugula for spinach, just because I am too damn lazy to go to the market!

Have any fennel recipes to share?  Give it to us in the comments below. Yes. Give it to us.


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