Q & A: Waterproof Mascara

The other day I tweeted the smirk-inducing photo above from my beloved friend’s Instagram (whom you should all follow for some cool model pics: @samuelzakuto).  I then get a tweet from our favorite skincare maven, Tata Harper…

Great pic! Now where can I find a solid non-toxic waterproof mascara for those crisis fashion moments??

Great question, Tata.

I have to say she stumped me, because I wouldn’t consider my ZuZu Luxe and GOGO Mascara by Josie Maran waterproof.   I did some research and soon realized there are no true “waterproof” mascaras in the clean beauty market. But, I did find three high performing clean mascaras receiving rave reviews from beauties all over that are worth us batting our eyelashes with, even if our tears of happiness may smudge them a bit.  Let’s give them a try.


Organic Glam Mascara gets great reviews for its wand and its long-wearing formula. $35

100% Pure’s Fruit Pigmented Mascara delivers long lashes and volume. $18

Lavera’s Double Black Mascara has two brushes, one to separate and one to volumize. $24

What are your favorite natural mascaras that you would recommend to Tata?


  1. Samantha says:

    I love the 100% pure!

  2. Lora Taub says:

    Josie Maran!

  3. Hi, Miessence USED to make a superb mascara, unfortunately it is off the market at the moment. Please contact them to help them know that they need to bring it back … certainly the best natural mascara I’ve ever used. Noting that the ones above are not available in New Zealand that I’ve found!

  4. Love the 100% pure! just switched to try something different Zuzu, but am going back to 100% pure!

  5. I am a huge fan of Mineral Fusion mascara. While it is not waterproof it is luscious and thick!