Papaya is a wonder for our digestive system.  My mom used it to tenderize her beef brisket for Christmas last year.  Papaya has been in my diet forever, being that I am half Costa Rican.  As a kid, I felt so decadent ordering papaya smoothies during my many Costa Rica visits. Besides being incredibly yummy and soothing, this wonder of a tropical fruit is a key beauty ally as well…

What’s up, Papaya?  What do you have for us Beauties?

  • Papaya has a high amount of Vitamin C, which assists in the production of collagen to keep us tight and firm
  • Papaya’s Vitamin C also fights free-radicals that speed up the aging process
  • Papaya contains the enzyme Peptin, which dissolves fat and fights cellulite
  • Papaya’s Peptin reduces breakouts because it is a digestion powerhouse that prevents toxin buildup in our bodies

How can you go wrong with a fruit that reduces cellulite, produces collagen, and makes our intestines sing?  Let’s get to eating.

Papaya, Lime, Mint Salad

-1 very ripe papaya

-2 limes

-4-6 mint leaves finely chopped

Cut papaya in half.  Scrape out seeds with a spoon. Remove skin with sharp knife. Slice papaya into wedges, then slice wedges into cubes. Put papaya cubes in bowl and squeeze lime juice over.  Toss with chopped mint.

Now Your Topical Tropical Beauty Tips:

  • For glowing skin, rub fleshy part of papaya skin on face and neck, then rinse.
  • To reduce sunspots, apply the fleshy part of  papaya to spots. Do not rinse until fully absorbed. Repeat twice daily.

*Pregnant Beauties, the enzymes in papaya may not be beneficial to pregnancy. It can induce miscarriage or early labor, especially if you have a latex allergy (latex exists in some plants, not only gloves).

Enjoy, Chicas!

Are you a papaya fan?  Give us your recipes and beauty tips in the comments below!


  1. What good ideas for the skin!

  2. Victoria Monet says:

    Hello, love your blog just a bit of heads up. All papayas now are gmo its extremely hard to fine any other papayas