Q & A: What Is Your Virtue?

What are your beauty virtues?

A couple of weeks ago, we divulged our naughty beauty vices.  Now that we exposed our bad girl behavior, how about we honor our moral excellences, I mean beauty excellences. I’ll give you mine to start…

  • I get 8 hours of sleep a night, every night.
  • I stay out of the sun and am mindful of my SPF.
  • Aside from my eyebrow powder, highlights, and once-in-a-blue-moon toxic lipstick, I’m virtually topically toxin free.
  • I always have sunglasses on hand to prevent wrinkles from squinting.
  • I eat TONS of vegetables.

Guess my goodness balances out my beauty maliciousness…fingers crossed!

Ok, now it is your turn.  I’m curious. I’d love for you to brag away in the comments below, Angels.

Let’s pick up on each other’s good habits!


  1. Hmm.. well I start every day with a green smoothie. I try and juice wheatgrass too, but the green smoothie is a non-negotiable. I take my makeup off every night regardless of how tired I am. I give myself regular manis and pedis (with toxic-free nail polish of course). Yep, I’m pretty awesome.. hahaha!

  2. Janet Schmidt says:

    I never sleep in makeup. I exfoliate regularly. Always wear sunblock but try to stay out of sun as much as possible. I drink a lot of water. I try to eat a lots of vegetables and fruit. I try to smile a lot so if I get any wrinkles they will be happy ones. I’ve worked her whole life to pass these on to my daughter who will be 15 this week; and I recently have gotten three compliments from some what strangers on her complexion. (You said we could brag!!)

  3. 8 hours of sleep each night? That’s impressive + inspiring!
    Right now, my beauty “musts” are tons of veggies (and almost daily green juice) and nonstop water – lately I’ve been enjoying mine with chunks of watermelon in it!

    • Well, the 8 hours of sleep just recently kicked in. When I was juggling career and GH, 8 hours of sleep never happened. It is a whole new show now and I’m loving every hour of it;).
      Great tip on the watermelon water…divine.