Phthalates, Diabetes, & Obesity

Phthalates are a huge no-no in my book and it is truly hard to avoid in the marketplace, being that they aren’t always listed in the ingredients and could be lurking in the ingredient “fragrance”, since “fragrance” is considered a trade secret by the FDA, it is protected. Therefore the components of so-called fragrance do not need to be divulged.  Brands in the clean beauty/personal care biz know this and happily display their naturally derived fragrance components on labels. Phthalates are essentially plasticizers, so they occur in our everyday plastics and vinyls.  Think of all the plastic containers, packaging, and plastic wrap our products and food are in contact with everyday. Aside from phthalates being linked to low sperm counts, male sexual organ deformities, and liver cancer, phthalates in recent studies are also being linked to type 2 diabetes and childhood obesity.

  • If you see the generic term “fragrance” on ingredient lists, ditch it.  Look for naturally derived fragrance as an ingredient instead.
  • Trash those fancy brand name fragrances you have on your vanity and your man’s too.  Opt for natural oil fragrance.  There are a lot of luxury natural fragrances out there.
  • Paint those nails with 3-free, 4-free, or 5-free polishes.
  • Dispose of home air fresheners and replace with natural air fresheners.
  • Tear out those annoyingly fragrant fragrance adverts in magazines before you read them.
  • Send your Tupperware out to the recycling facility and use Pyrex or ceramic food storage containers.
  • Use parchment paper or paper towels to protect food items in Ziploc bags.
  • Get rid of that vinyl shower curtain and replace it with cotton.
  • Drop that damn puff that is hanging in your shower. Just loofah, baby.
  • Don’t rely on plastic water bottles as your main source for hydration and definitely don’t drink them if they have been sitting in the sun. (Don’t assume they have been chilled in their big rig transport from the factory to the store either.)
  • Can the cans.  Cans are usually internally lined with this stuff.  Grab food sold in jars or sodas in glass bottles instead.
  • Purchase phthalate-free kiddie pools for your wee ones.

(btw, those bottles pictured above are glass. Too awesome.)

How do you keep away from phthalates, besides not saying that crazy looking word out loud?