Juniper Ridge Soaps

On my Downtown L.A. outing, I stopped in at Poketo and came across soaps that transport you to a secluded mountain cabin. It immediately transported me to Yosemite, having taken so many trips there when I was young. We’d always go the first week of June when the dogwood was blooming and the rivers were at their highest levels.  I haven’t been back to Yosemite for a few years, so Juniper Ridge’s Sierra Summer Pine Soap will fill the void right now.

Juniper Ridge wild harvests their ingredients from the mountains and deserts of the West.  They even have a “Field Lab”, a van with a converted whiskey still that distills natural oils on its outdoor ventures. Sometimes the van tours around and makes fragrances for lucky Northern Californians. Crazy lucky.

Juniper Ridge Sierra Summer Pine Soap is crafted of pine water, live infusion of Sierra Pine, Sierra Fir, and Sierra Cedar, along with coconut, olive, jojoba oils.  The woodsy scents give it a sexy masculine essence, so it is definitely great for men too.  I love how the scent lingers in the bathroom and on my skin after bathing.  The bar of soap is a wonderful “fragrance sachet” for your linen closet. Just imagine taking deep breaths of fresh pine as you sleep through the night!

I have only tried Sierra Summer Pine, but I’d imagine that all their other soaps and fragrances are just as sublime.

Check into your Juniper Ridge mountain cabin HERE.