What Style Leap Would You Take?

A few days ago, Miley Cyrus really created a statement by transforming her look with an edgy short crop. I think her punk-chic crop looks great on her.  I’ve never paid much attention to Miley, but now I will since I’m so diggin’ on her hair.  I’ve always admired girls who rock their short dos. Which got me thinking…

This is a tough one because I feel like I’ve done it all.  I’ve had a pixie. I was a red head.  I was platinum blonde. I used to dress like Kate Moss in the CK Khaki’s ads of the 90’s…oh, and get this…my best friend and I used to dress like Kriss Kross and walk around town.  Yes, really.

So, I’m at a loss.  Maybe I will wear bright shadows on my eyes or stack my fingers and hands with lots of gold jewelry as a refresher for Fall? Perhaps make orange my go-to lip color?  Try to find a healthy bright blue mascara? These aren’t quite leaps, but more like new beauty dance steps…

How about you, Beauties?  What style leap or dance steps would you like to take?

photos via Twitter


  1. Hmm I’ve cut my hair short too but I’ve kinda always wanted to dye it all one bright color color. I don’t know if that’s a smart career move though haha. But I would to do ombre hair perhaps?

  2. Any healthy products on the market to turn my hair platinum? I believe that bleach is the only product, but figure that it never hurts to ask. Thanks!

    • Malissa, unfortunately there is no alternative way to extract pigment from your hair. Make sure you have fresh air around you, or a window open nearby, to lessen the fumes and tears you may experience. Perhaps cover your nose with a towel to limit the fume inhalation.

  3. Red lipstick! I’ve wanted to rock some hot lips for quite awhile now but keep telling myself that I don’t have an edgy enough look for red. I’m going to rock some red this fall!

  4. I just cut about 6 inches off my hair, into a bob- I was a bit freaked the first week but now I love it!