Trillium Organics Body Polish

I’m a sucker for all-in-one products..namely ones that can do two or more jobs in one.  Granted, I love every part of the pampering process, but there is something really freeing about exiting the shower with no need to moisturize after.  I love being luxuriously lazy!

Trillium Organics sent me a trio of their body polishes.  Since I’m also a big sucker for all that is lavender, I spun open their Lavender Geranium Organic Body Polish.  While the label calls it a “3 in 1, cleanse, moisturize, exfoliate”, I say it is a 5 in one.  It cleanses, it exfoliates, it acts as a shaving barrier, it moisturizes, and it is a wonderful relaxing fragrance.

With their spot-on tag line of “What Goes ON, Goes IN“, this polish does just that with organic sunflower, safflower, lavender, and geranium oils. It also contains non-GMO Vitamin E, which is gluten-free.

Trillium Organics has an assortment of body polishes to chose from.  Warming Cinnamon Clove and Vanilla Cardamom sound lovely for fall and winter.  Cedar Eucalyptus is perfect for cold and flu season along with muscle aches. Lemon Ginger relieves morning sickness. Sounds like some of these can be considered a 6 in 1!

Get your healing polish HERE.

(Looking for a deal? Check out the 24oz tub…it is priced at $1 per ounce!)


  1. “What Goes ON, Goes IN“ seems like the perfect tagline for you + your perspective on beauty!

  2. Sounds divine- how strong of an exfoliant is it? Any idea of how it would work for dry, sensitive skin?