What Is The Deal With Gluten-Free?

Last week Erin from Well In L.A. posed a great question in the comments for Acure’s gluten-free argan conditioner last week…“Is there gluten typically in conditioners?”

Which leads to the bigger question…

What is the deal with gluten-free beauty products?

I have talked about this earlier, but it is a good idea to revisit it on the regular as gluten intolerance and celiac disease is affecting more and more people, that even our regular mainstream markets, commercial cake/cookie mixes, and restaurants are offering freedom from gluten more and more everyday.

So, here is the deal:

Vitamin E is typically derived from wheat germ.  For those living with celiac disease, wheat derived Vitamin E can be quite the enemy. It may cause breakouts, skin ulcers, and rashes… just read Kelly Courson’s story.

If a beauty product’s label does not read “gluten-free”, look for Tocopherol (Vitamin E’s ingredient name) or Vitamin E in the ingredients, specifying that it is derived from a different source (such as soy).

Going forward, I will be very mindful to write if a product is gluten-free here on GH.  Just type “gluten-free” into the newly added search bar on the right to seek out non-wheat products.

(Speaking about gluten-free, my friend’s 7 year old daughter and I finished a whole box of these divine lemon shortbread cookies.  They just melt in your mouth and taste like fresh meyer lemon.  Our new crush.)

Are you gluten-free?  Do you dabble?  What are your favorite gluten-free products (beauty + food)?



  1. Thank you for answering my question! It goes to further the point that ‘continued education’ – like reading the great content put out by educated bloggers like you! – is necessary when you trust companies to create the products you use/eat every day.

  2. I went gluten free before major surgery and it was amazing- I was bed bound for 3 weeks and still had energy and good healing! Recently made peanut butter gluten free cookies for my sons- they loved them!